Ever lasting

I stand upon the gallows edge, I walk with the ancient orders of the dead,
inside my head.
The fallen Angels rise to see the fall,
The Demons lurk,
Hades owns them all!!!!
Walking tall.
The smell of burning souls, their cry's, their screams.......their memory's are only of their dreams.
To dream a world beyond the realms of time and space,
face to face, with death.
Death runs wild with the fire, and the fire flies' of June.
Here I stand upon my gallows edge, dreaming all in time that's ever been.
I look through the blackness.
My death is in life's pages, as is all, I too will rise in life to see my fall.
My words etched in stone, for futures to recall, as are the writings on the bathrooms stalls, or the writings on the caveman's walls.
I am a drifter, drifting through this place, wandering with a smile on my face, to return in life's of futures past, the -Poet- behind the mask, the drunkard with hims flask, the widow with her tasks..
I am the man from earth!!! created from corruption of the Gods,
To sit, sipping wine upon my throne,
My throne!!!
My throne of bones.


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