Every Moment Now and Then

I remember when I met you,

You drove over to my place.

You rolled up in your car,

The first time I saw your face.

Everyone told you to avoid me,

I'm just looking for a rebound.

How do they know what I want,

I want what I found.

Every minute with you is golden,

Every minute is so fun.

Every minute thinking of you,

Hoping you never turn and run.

In my mind so conflicted,

Listen to my beliefs or my feels.

Movies, coffee, and food,

What I felt, it was real.

I know that you want me,

I know I want you here.

I know that I hurt you,

I know what I fear.

Every minute with you was golden,

Every minute was so fun.

Every minute I thought about you,

I hoped you'd never run.

I was lost in confusion,

Confliction in my head.

You left without a goodbye,

Me holding onto things I never said.

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