Everyone But You- Poem by Rebecca Wood


Everyone But You

If you have ever felt like you lost your chance to tell someone how you felt about them, then you can relate to this poem. I have felt these feelings portrayed in this poem. They're not the greatest, but not the worst. I hope not many of you out there have felt these feelings, but I hope you enjoy either way.

People saw my blonde hair and eyes, green then blue

I wish I was invisible to everyone, everyone but you

They might have told you, but you didn't think it was true

Everyone knew who I loved, everyone but you

It hurt at sixteen, I had to move from all I knew

I could leave everyone behind, everyone but you

I had to forget my past, even my love for you

It was easy to forget everyone, everyone but you

I tried to be strong, stronger than you

I was tougher than everyone I knew, everyone but you

No one before nor after you

I've never loved anyone, anyone but you

Many have tried to love me, but no one stood up to you

I would never say "I love you" to anyone, anyone but you

When I heard you were with her, and your love fell through

I turned to everyone, everyone but you

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Tim Matthews2011 profile image

Tim Matthews2011 5 years ago from Huntsville, AL.

You're very welcome. And I'm glad you shared it. =)

BeccaWood profile image

BeccaWood 5 years ago from Southaven, MS Author

Thank you very much, Tim Matthews2011. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Tim Matthews2011 profile image

Tim Matthews2011 5 years ago from Huntsville, AL.

This is very good. I enjoyed this poem. Voted Up!

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