Excerpts from A Degree of Wickedness: A Thrilling Tale Collection

Expected Release Date: December 2011

A Degree of Wickedness is a collection of thrilling short stories where a character, someone or something, from each vignette exhibits a degree of wickedness. Of course, someone has to die. Death may come in the form of a brutal murder or an act of desperation.

Characters include: werewolves, vampires, a serial killer, a gargoyle, a young girl, a pedophile, a harpie, a hooker, a burglar, an old woman and a couple of cats.

The expected release date is December 2011. I recently unveiled the cover art at the Steel City Con at the Monroeville Convention. You can visit my website and see pics from the event and check out my upcoming events. www.kimberly-bennett.com

Cover art was done by: www.stumptowngraphics.com


Shari had noticed several times that Josh Milton was eyeing her and sizing her up and she didn’t like it one bit. There was something off about Josh that she couldn’t quite put a finger on. His charming personality was overwhelming to her like the stench of rotting garbage and her intuition was solidified when he finally had the nerve to approach her and ask her out on a date. Shari looked into his eyes and saw a darkness there that bordered on sinister. --Excerpt from Mr. Not So Nice

After a couple of years of mental and physical abuse at the hands of her live in boyfriend, Larry, Jolene had finally had enough. Her mother had pleaded with her to dump Larry and move on after the first episode of violence but Jolene was determined to give him a second and then a third and finally a fourth chance to redeem himself. After last night’s drama, Jolene was prepared to do the unthinkable. Larry had to die.---Excerpt from What A Little Girl Can Do

Copyright © Kimberly Bennett 2011

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