Exhibition of a Taxidermist


Sit in an exhibition...

... to mimic human activities,

gather dust in a basement,

stuffed by a taxidermist.

My Dear Dreadful Clementine

Shadows of the Moon
Shadows of the Moon

FlashBack DeathRow / No Fun Being Dead


Ain't got no tail...

... no tail at all

ain't got no limousine

ain't got no pretty house.

Just a deep dark hole.

The doll...

... could have been sleeping

in the vaults,

grey from grime of centuries,

dusty and dull.

I was found...

a bona fide

14th-century relic.

Leda and the Swan

Dear Sir, showing interest in DRAGON

We can mail it to you by surface mail $17.95.

By air mail, the cost is $15.95 and $7.50 for handling.


The Pub

Dear Sir:

We realize that surface mail from the US to Belgium is slow

and for this reason we are mailing you a FLYING SERPENT today.



Channeling More

He saw things he had never seen before.

He had cracked a door.
He had cracked a door.

In the slippery realms of waking dreams faeries

desperately want to normalize

into a legitimate object of study.

The Troll Doll

in my hospital room is an alternate reality

or "dreamtime" as they call it

down under

Mona Lisa Unveiled

her dress more ochre than brown

the sky a subtle blue

layers of varnish and grime

are gone and truer colours unveiled

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

I dream about it every night

There's something up there...

beautiful and old

waiting for us

enveloped by fog and

as the light shimmers

That evening about dusk...

He looks ghostlike.

He tells me

There is something there,

brownish, sunken

down into a crevasse

But the body had to be...

... mysteriously

from a small cemetery

transported in a silver coffin

to the dining room table

where he built a shrine

for daily devotion

In a lifelike pose...

... the remaining remnants leave the cemetery
... the remaining remnants leave the cemetery

I started close...

... very close

and very deep

and unfortunately

became afraid

and had to stop

But if we could

we would

This shadown light and hazy...

... simply shouldn't happen.
... simply shouldn't happen.
64 shades of every color perforate the target area
64 shades of every color perforate the target area

News, for release February 7

Savage New Exploration Program

will continue to explore

the surface of the Earth

Stones bearing strange images

Experimental designs

for creatures

discarded by God.

He stumbled on a stone

with his own name on it!

Let there be no LYING WONDERS and You won't be the same
Let there be no LYING WONDERS and You won't be the same
the cobweb-covered defied the curse 60 years ago after a ceremony of exorcism...
the cobweb-covered defied the curse 60 years ago after a ceremony of exorcism... | Source

In doom and gloom waking up out of a very long slumber...

... a spirit
... a spirit

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