Experiment-The Extemporaneous Project by Lilyfly

Poems from participating in Lilyfly's Project

Walking down the street

to a whistle and a beat

when out loud shouts a dude

To me very quite rude

He says hey pretty lady

Would you like to jump in my mercedes?

Watching you from across

Got me so dazed and lost

A woman labeled FINE

like a toastified wine

I come to sweep you off your feet

As I watch your movement so sweet

What would you say

If I wanted you to come my way

Would your answer be yes

And travel with finess

Or would your answer be no

And send me on my way to go

I hope you make the right choice

So I can forever hear your voice

The thought of having a man

Who would want to take my hand

Possibly make me his queen

For all to be seen

Beep, Beep went the car horn

As it pierced my thought with a thorn

It was just another day dream

In a fairytale theme...


I sat still and quietly in my room

Watching my window reflect gloom

No bulb reflecting light

Blindness detected with sight

A single wicker extended

Sadness not pretended

I brush a single match

Hoping a fire would catch

For a little light I ask

Completion of his task

To light the wicker of my CANDLE

Nothing to much to handle

Sent forth to complete

A problem I will defeat

For I am no longer in the dark

Once it flickered with a spark


I walked the waves of the ocean

As my arms swayed along in motion

The sun set burned behind the deep blue

I walked the sands barefoot no shoes

The sound of the waves clash

As a fin out at sea splash

What was this I was seeing

A mermaid a mythical being

Her skin it shined in the sunrays

Under a spell so confused and dazed

Was I dreaming or awake

What my eyes were seeing wasnt fake

A beauty in disguise as a fish

Never in a dream this was a wish

As she swam into shore

There was nothing more to explore

A fish, a mermaid with a fin

Could be my destiny sin


No one around to listen to her

She cried so much her vision a blur

Sad, alone, and afraid all by herself

A curse placed upon her health

Shriveled and old she sat on her chair

As she rocked in silent despair

No offspring or husband to carry her on

Sorrow sat until the morning dawn

As she sadly greeted her end

No more air the sky could lend

Her clock struck 12 like she was told

A lonely heart stopped in the cold


She wore a skirt of open mouthed faces

Souls she took within and places

Onto her black smokey ruffles

The voices they carried now muffles

Her windows so black and full of demise

An eerie impression left inside my eyes

Calling me close with no words or calling

Darkness settled in love now falling

Mesmerized and casted under her spell

The scent of her black rose to smell

As she landed a kiss on my lips

A kiss of death under the moons eclipse

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Mentalist acer profile image

Mentalist acer 5 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

Ahhh,a kiss,the death of friendship.;)

bellawritter23 profile image

bellawritter23 5 years ago from California Author

Acer, Yes but no death all living :)

smiles :)


SubRon7 profile image

SubRon7 5 years ago from eastern North Dakota

I liked all of them, Bella, good job.

bellawritter23 profile image

bellawritter23 5 years ago from California Author

Sub, Thank you I enjoy the use of one word given and running with it its all about imagination!!!

smiles :)


Nikkij504gurl profile image

Nikkij504gurl 5 years ago from Louisiana

i did one too! posted as a comment under lilyflys hub and posting as my own hub too.

always exploring profile image

always exploring 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

All beautiful Bella.

NotWiredThatWay profile image

NotWiredThatWay 5 years ago from New York

They are all exquisite, Bellawriter. The two I liked best were the one about the ocean and the old lady.

Hyphenbird profile image

Hyphenbird 5 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

Wasn't that a fun project? Lilifly had a great idea and I loved seeing all the creations that poured out of Hubbers. These are great Bella.

bellawritter23 profile image

bellawritter23 5 years ago from California Author

NotWired, Thank you :)it is appreciated!!

Hyph, It still is I will continue to post in it as I love the challenge of the one word Poems!!!

smiles :)


Hyphenbird profile image

Hyphenbird 5 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

Me too Bella. I love word challenges and writer's prompts. It is so fun to see how everyone sees the same thing in so many ways.

bellawritter23 profile image

bellawritter23 5 years ago from California Author


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