Exploring the Poetry of Vikki Skye's Unbounded

Vikki Skye released a new collection of poetry, Unbounded, that takes the reader on an adventure, exploring new places and feelings, to help us see our own limitations.

Each section in the book relates to the travel process, from "Setting Off" in the first section to "Settling In" to "Explorers" to "The Feel World" to "Home." It was nice to see the selected poems relating to the section headings. In all, there are 46 poems, each related to a different form of being bound or unbounded.

The book itself is well put together with consistent formatting and attention paid to word choice. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves travel as much as I do. I haven't heard of Vikki Skye before but am looking forward to reading more of her poetry in the future. Her poems are also available on Kindle.


  • Travel and Adventure
  • Personal Boundaries
  • Self-Discovery
  • Exploration

The Importance of Exploring

This poetry collection really made me think about why exploration is so important. Too often we get stuck in our ways, and we need to reflect on what kind of person we are. We are made to do things that others deem as essential, which can take away from our own wellbeing. Personally, travel for me is an escape to immerse myself in another culture and way of life. Only by learning about another lifestyle can we begin to understand and appreciate our own.

Being bounded can take on many forms, from the physical manifestation to a more mental one. We can feel limited by country's borders (filling out visa forms!) to relationships (finding the right one so that all parties involved feel valued) to limitations we place on ourselves (self-doubt and fear). Skye reminds us of the various boundaries that we face and allows us to reflect on our own limitations.

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