Eye of the Sword by Karyn Henley-Reviewed

Eye of the Sword is an emotional roller coaster ride full of plot turns and surprises that will rivet the reader. I read through this book in on sitting, it invoked many emotional outburst while reading, from laughter to tears to anticipation of the next page. Karyn Henley's world of Eldarra, The Dregmoors and Camritha come alive on these pages so vividly it was like watching a movie in my brain.There are more surprises and plot twists in this tale that any soap opera writer would envy.
The story is centered around the legend of the Wisdom Tree and the curse that follows it's betrayers. The main character Trevin is connected to all three kingdoms whether its past,present or future. The woman he loves Melaia has been betrothed to the wicked prince from the Dregmoors as a peace treaty. This sets on Trevin not only on a quest to stop the wedding but also a quest to find the missing comains (King's captains),the return of the three Harps to restore the Wisdom tree and to find himself. The characters that surround his quests are both friendly and down right wicked, some would like to see him dead.
This adventure needs to be taken by the reader individually. To give too much of the story here would take away the suspense and shock that awaits with in its pages. My hope is that Karyn Henley would be able to bring this book to the big screen, it could be the next Narnia in a series of movies. I thank her for writing it and anticipate the next book of the Angelaeon Circle.

This book was given to me free by Waterbrook Multnomah for this review.

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