Eyes Bound By Love

I’m lost amongst the memories of my past

confused emotions that taunt me to the last

ripped asunder with pangs of distress

like lingering moments of a cold caress

embraces that seem to remind

trust gives the illusion that love is blind

wrapped in threads of mistrust

a heart of happiness that goes bust

songs of pleasure that tease the ear

words of deceit that brings you fear

life on a merry go round that twists and turns

eye's of salt that moistly burns

tears of laughter tears of joy

the expressions the same when yo cry

a dreams a story that's left to rot

like the morning mist that dawn's forgot

sunlight embellished upon the rose

then giving warmth petal grows

but like a flower that's dry to touch

missing the clouds that's cried so much

passing breeze that's blown away

twisted leaves that like to play

all my senses refuse to agree

it's like some cosmic mystery

the powers that make us unite

can rip us apart like day and night

nothing is eternal like we had planned

promises made on shifting sand

the only constant that we endure

is at the time we both were sure

then out the blue begins to change

that's when you know life is strange

words like hearts can be broken

whether loudly said or softly spoken

without a heart would be good

but dammit! I need it to pump my blood

a lover's pact accomplice of desire

fills your soul with an inexhaustible fire

turns your feelings into jelly

creates phantom butterflies in your belly

likened only to shared intent

disrupted emotions we try to vent

pictures slide across the screen

imprisoned images never seen

but hope undone shares a glance

we have to try take a chance

thoughts we conjure have to steal

we live our life by how we feel

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Mark Psychedlic profile image

Mark Psychedlic 4 years ago from Birmingham UK Author

Thanks Vicky

vicky 4 years ago

i like this one ;) x

Mark Psychedlic profile image

Mark Psychedlic 5 years ago from Birmingham UK Author

Thankyou Dee

Dee42 profile image

Dee42 5 years ago from Beautiful Arkansas

I always look forward to your writing. I'm a true fan. Great hub.

Mark Psychedlic profile image

Mark Psychedlic 5 years ago from Birmingham UK Author


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