~Fallen Nation~


Forging on even through the most dire circumstances...


~Fragile moments~

One fragile moment in time cracked open the hull of humanity

on a distant shore bound by chance, circumstance, filtered emotions

cries of anguish throbbing against core, soul, earth, wind, pains of distant drums echoing on moans of broken hope lashing out against blind seas burrowing through sifted remains of unknown tribes

rippled landscapes of driven pride unearthed, bluggeoned, left withering on saltless streams of blood stained tears, piercing heart, spirit, depth, soul, jolting inner obsidian, severing foe, friend, time racing onward mourning erupting landminds

exiled on concrete fields of lost hope, stolen dreams, emotionally handicapped, intellectually illiterate, futures maimed, rippled, daunted by insatiable injustice, buried beneath fostered tyranny, loathing silhouettes chained to time

time foreign to life, spurting out charred images on bruised tentacles gliding on terminus infatuation of a fallen nation



This piece depicts the hardship of a slave forced to live, work, and survive in a world they have no knowledge of.

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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago


Islands of hypocrisy and despair.

Please give us clean water, clean air.

Give us trees and plants and EARTH!

Let us feel at home, in the land of our birth.

Give us the JOY that TRUE FREEDOM can bring.

Dear GOD, give us a new song to sing.

We'll lift our eyes, to the skies,

As we help our people rise.

Karen Russell profile image

Karen Russell 6 years ago Author


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