Fun little kittens~

How you delight~

The objects of the day! ~

Fun little kittens all~

Different in your own special way!


Little kittens in a pail~

White with blue trim. ~

One all black~

 The other with~

 A pink tiny nose pushed up~

 Against the tin.


Little kitten with a crimson bow~

Your backdrop polka-dotted. ~

Downy soft your fur is ~

Tons of Merriment while~

 You still wonder~

 What the point is about it?



Little kittens in a box~

 Gold and white trim surrounds two~

One asleep over the edge~

The other laying on top against you.


Little kitten with pearls around your neck~

Powder blue behind you. ~

You are a ball of tiger~

Whom pales the silver-star that~

 Hangs on you.


Little kitten on a cloud~

Sleeping with angel wings~

Your orange colors contrast with~

 Your sky blue backdrop~

As peace it brings.


Little kitten in a cup~

One paw upon the rim~

Your eyes speaks to me~

For your nap time soon to begin.


Little kittens with bow ties~

You sit so up right and magnificent. ~

Tiger stripes for your tuxedos~

White chest where your shirts do begin.


Little kitten in a dry fish bowl~

All curled up like a fluff ball~

Coco colored and velvety~

Your chocolate outline enriches thee.


Little kitten with a bell~

White with mascara eyes~

 You are luscious~

In contrast to the pinkish background~

 Where you lye.


Little kitten in a hat box~

Yellow and white strips enclose you. ~

Your smug nose peeks out from the half closed lid~

Lemon colored tissue paper comforts you within.


Little kitten in a basket~

Green daisies make up your~

 Encircled amusing cage~

As you peek out at some moving thing~

 Your eyes as wide as they can be.



Little kitten sitting in decorations~

Red, white and green you perch upon~

The holiday seasons gives you many~

 An ordainment to play around.


Fun little kittens~

How you delight~

The objects of the day! ~

Fun little kittens all~

Different in your own special way!


Lisa J. Warner


Lisa Luv

CopyRight10/28 /2010@LisaLuvLLC






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livingsta profile image

livingsta 6 years ago from United Kingdom

Another beautiful one xx

Lisa Luv profile image

Lisa Luv 6 years ago from Conneticut, USA Author

Thank You Dear One..

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