The Fall of an Angel

Fallen angel trying to find his way as a mortal.
Fallen angel trying to find his way as a mortal. | Source

The Fall

Imagine plummeting, falling, screaming, burning to the ground. You hit the ground and you wait, letting the toxic air fill your lungs as you try to regain your breath. You can smell your body, and you grimace as the smell of scorched skin fills your nose. You finally manage to regain your breath and push your body up painfully from the ground. As you stand you realize something is wrong, you can't balance and feel like you're about to fall over. You reach behind you, looking for the comforting feel of your wings. They're gone and nothing is left but smooth skin. You feel empty and it only takes you a moment to realize that is because you have left God's presence. You are a fallen angel.

You stumble forward, looking for somewhere to go and feeling pain throughout your entire body. God has turned his back on you and you are now alone in the world. But that's what you get for causing trouble in heaven. God doesn't like troublemakers.

You reach a small group of trees and stumble inside, not looking back. You know you have to find shelter and you know it's going to be hard from now on, but you got what you wanted. You are now free. You can do whatever you want and God can't control you. He promised not to interfere with the mortals, and you are now mortal.

You have to find somewhere to sleep. You find a bed of moss in darkness, your body still radiating light. You wonder how long it will take for that light to fade completely, because then you will be truly mortal and unable to return to heaven. You wish the light would die now, you never want to go back.

As you lie on your back, looking up at the stars you know you are forever grounded. Your wings are gone and you will never fly again. You are the lowest of the low, probably even lower than demons in God's eyes because you betrayed him. You don't have to worry about that anymore. His voice cannot find you here.


Someone sees a shot of light outside their window. A falling star, they think. They decide to go find it. They run through the darkness, stumbling every third step, knowing they have to get there fast or they'll forget where it is. That's not hard though because all of the trees in the surrounding area are scorched. Not burning, just burned. They look around and see a light in the trees off to the side. They decide to go see what it is.

Running, stumbling toward the light. They reach the trees and tread slowly now, scared, confused as to what could be shining. They get closer and you realize it is a man. Standing over the man they look, examining his clothing. He wears a simple shirt and trousers. Both appear to be made out of some sort of woven material. It is tattered and there are burn marks all over it.

They look to the man's face and are captured by his brilliance. They have never seen a face so beautiful before. It is difficult for them to look away. They notice the long black hair surrounding the face, it appears unnatural around the pale skin and they wonder who this man could possibly be.

There are wounds covering the man's arms and legs. He looks like he has been beaten and cast aside. The person slowly reaches out to touch the man's shoulder. He grabs their arm, scaring them. As he realizes it is only a mere mortal he releases. The person steps back afraid.

"I'm sorry." The man says. The voice is like music and yet harsh at the same time, as though he has a cold.

His eyes pierce to the soul, a clear blue that can be seen even in the night. The person cannot look away.

Trees burned up around the site of a fallen angel. Sometimes the burn area is large, sometimes it is small.
Trees burned up around the site of a fallen angel. Sometimes the burn area is large, sometimes it is small. | Source


You look at this mortal, realizing they have found you and are afraid. You try to reassure them, to calm them, but they are stunned by your gaze, and you remember you are not an angel, but only a mortal with an angel's face. You try to explain but cannot and they run. Stupid humans. If only they realized who you were. If only they realized what you could do... but you cannot do anything more than them, for you are mortal now. You keep forgetting.

You try to get back to sleep, but you cannot help seeing the fear in the human's face. You start to wonder if you made a mistake. You cannot live here, you are not one of them. Starting at dawn you are going to redeem yourself, make things right with God. You know it's going to be a long tough process but you are sure you can do it before your glow fades and you are stuck here forever.

© 2009 Chloe Davis Smith

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Very nice I like it ;) write more of this stuff ;)

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