Farcical Expectations

They say this and that

shouting to be heard

from rags and mags

thinking themselves bright

or just not thinking

hoping to entertain

or twist the brain

giving one a sense of drama

without a choice to stain

just pay the fee

walk out with nonesense

believe it or no

it is what you wanted

reality is strange

when illusion is so dressed

to warp illusions further

causing insensitivity to the present

one day the bill will be paid

the last laugh

with those who wouldn't pay the fee

for nonsense and farce

until that day

seeing as I see

no one will end the game

till everyone has chosen sides

played their hardest

win or lose

then the score won't matter

only the choice to choose

the mind that thinks honestly

feelings used in sincerity

those who refuse reality

piled in the earth

outside the white city gates.

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Jean 2 years ago

Ya learn sonmthieg new everyday. It's true I guess!

Lurdes 2 years ago

, If alcohol is mixed with water ignhmoneoeously, a region with a lower concentration of alcohol will pull on the surrounding fluid more strongly than a region with a higher alcohol concentration. So you wouldn't be wrong to say that looking at the legs as they make their way back down to the wine could possibly tell you about the wine's alcohol content.

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