Fate's Frigid Kiss

An icy, menthol exhalation
from behind the naked trees,
a vibrant, stinging inundation
sets me numbingly at ease.

A soft and tantalizing cover
gently flurries down my spine -
a minty cold and tingling lover
that I lust for to be mine.

It blinds me as it steals my breath -
this paradox of frigid fire -
all at once a polar death
and hottest climax of desire.

I twitch amidst the gust's embrace,
writhing under its caress.
An itchy flush fills up my face
and, with a blush, I do undress.

The tundra thus consumes me whole
in its deep and midnight blue.
For passion I have paid the toll -
remaining minutes are now few.

As nature's frosty countenance
guides me to coldest, longest sleep,
I breathe in deep its sustenance.
Alas, now is not the time to weep.

For, as my flesh's final folly
becomes its own wanton demise,
I know that I have lived so fondly,
and so my destiny realized.

Exquisite pain and ecstacy
are my achievement and my end.
To deepest love's last fantasy,
my eternity I now commend.

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lyricsingray 7 years ago

You know I love this one. Keep up the inspiring work, even just for me :-) Thanks for a beautiful piece. Kimberly

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