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Father Daughter Poem Available on Amazon

I promise to wake up with you, when you cry at night.

I’ll feed you, change you, rock you - hold, and hug you tight.

I promise to chase after you when you start to crawl

And I promise not to “army up” all of your favorite dolls.

I promise I’ll play dress up, even wear a pink tutu

I’ll dance with you around the house, and laugh and joke with you

I promise to be present, at all of your tea parties.

And I’ll fight the urge to limp and moan, and pretend to be a zombie.

I promise I’ll come back for you when I drop you off at school

I know first days can be so scary, learning new class rules.

I promise not to let it show, if money’s ever tight.

I might say no to some things – but I promise it’ll be alright.

I promise when you’re flustered, I’ll help you build that ship

I promise to stop what I’m doing, at least for a little bit.

I promise to help you up, when you tumble down

I’ll make the pain disappear, and remove that little frown.

I promise I’ll pick flowers with you, on bright and sunny days.

We’ll smell the scent of each last one, and I’ll chase those bees away.

I promise to sit down with you, and make these arts and crafts.

I’ll wear these beaded bracelets – but you must promise not to laugh.

I promise we’ll tour zoos, ride trains, and look at cheetahs.

And I promise when its my turn to cook, we’ll just call and order pizza.

I promise I will root for you, and always hope that you win

But if you lose, it’s no big deal - still hold up that little chin.

I promise to stay with you and watch your favorite movies,

When you’re sick, stuck at home, and feeling kind of dreary.

I promise I won’t read emails while we’re playing with your dolls.

I promise they can wait a bit – even for just a while

I promise to help with homework, I know it can be hard.

Lets get it done together, and then go play in the yard

I promise not to talk too much, when I drive your friends to games.

You know it wasn’t that long ago, when my parents did the same.

I promise I’ll take pictures of you growing in front of my eyes

I want to capture each small bit, time so quickly passes by.

I promise when you grow up, and move away from daily sight.

I’ll talk to you each bright day, and pray for you each night.

Now, I can’t promise I’ll be perfect – this I admit is true.

But I can promise this, little girl, I will always love you.

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Susan Recipes profile image

Susan Recipes 2 years ago from India

Beautiful Poem.. Voted up.

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