Father Do You Hear Me

Why is it when I verbalize you don’t

Hear the words I articulate

Trying to keep open the communication

Between us

You make it so hard when you turn away

Not wanting to listen

Every night when I say my prayers

I ask for your forgiveness

If I haven’t lived up to your expectations

I need you to stand with me

On this journey to manhood

Father do you hear me

When I was little you use

To give me hugs

Showed me I’m loved

Now you’ve abandon me

I feel so alone

In this world on my own

Tears I have cried I’m

Not ashamed to admit

Father do you hear me

Are you listening now

To my words

I am your son

In your image I was formed

Your voice when I was little

Sounded like thunder

Now that I’m a man

It sounds like a melodious note from a song

If you hear me dear father

Please listen to this

I love you know matter what

Sun shines on a new day

And I put to rest the past

And someday I hope you

Come to see the man I’ve


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neeleshkulkarni profile image

neeleshkulkarni 5 years ago from new delhi

even at 56 at times i wish my mother or my father were there to just pat me on my back and say "it is all right - it will get ok"you put the need togeteher very well

Dim Flaxenwick profile image

Dim Flaxenwick 5 years ago from Great Britain

Awesome. l know fathers who miss their children terribley, through no fault of their own.

This was so beautiful.

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