Lunarian warrior

"Well if you didn't leave it open how is it open?" David lectured not believing his brother didn't forget about it. Daniel sighed

The two hunters crept through the vast forest; tall elongated birch trees surrounded them. Birds chirped in trees of green as the two men listened carefully searching for a morning kill. These brothers were equal in height had shaggy raven hair that hung just past their ears. A blinding orange vests covered there torso and reddish long sleeve shirt underneath, with thick, black baggy pants to match. Both hunters were about 26 years of age, and each held a powerful rifle.

The morning was still pretty early, and it had been several hours since they saw any animals scurry away. Having no luck in finding anything, they went to turn back when one of them, Daniel, spotted a figure off in the distance. He looked at his brother David then back at the figure, then raising his gun ready to fire when a loud snap echoed throughout the woods.

“Dammit, David, shut up or we won't catch anything”, he hissed loudly. Quickly he turned his attention back to the animal now giving him the death stare, with sharp white teeth bared at him. Daniel stood frozen by its glare, wanting to just drop down and quiver, David turned and looked over at his frightened brother.

“What’s the matter with you”, he sneered as he looked in the direction his idiotic brother was frozen in. Eyes wide and jaw on the ground he slowly raised his gun and fired a few inches away from the animal's head and it bolted. The chase began with David slapping his brother on the back of the head. Daniel twitched at his brother’s slap “ouch!”

“Come on we have to catch that thing” David bellowed. Daniel cursed loudly and took off behind his brother holding his rifle tightly, when he caught up to David he looked further ahead and saw they were chasing a wolf. Pushing through bushes and branches while leaping over roots sticking out of the ground they were beginning to catch up with it. The wolf dashed faster and faster splashing through puddles with muddy paws, its glossy white fur shimmering in the beams of sunlight peeking through the trees.

“Hurry or we’ll lose it” Daniel shouted to his brother as he knelt down, aimed, and fired drilling the wolf in the hind leg. With a howl of pain the wolf increased in speed with a last burst of energy and disappeared from their sights.

The wood was quiet now the wind blew softly threw the trees and both hunters stood stiff holding their rifles up panting loudly. David hunched over trying to catch his breath as Daniel kept a watchful eye out for the wolf. Silence was all they heard.

“Hey Daniel do you see it anywhere?” David said looking over his left shoulder. Daniel slowly shook his head while maintaining a strong position.

“I think it ran off. We did wound it.” He glanced in one direction then quickly spun around at the sound of rustling leaves. He began to breath heavy and shook slightly when a squirrel jumped out of the pile of small leaves. Daniel took a sigh of relief and allowed his gun to fall gracefully next to his hip.

“Daniel you OK?” his brother questioned, moving a little closer to him. He answered almost immediately “Yeah I’m fine. Just thought I heard something”. He was feeling stupid for being afraid of a squirrel. The brothers stood waiting for something to happen for a solid fifteen minutes, when the wolf didn’t reappear they assumed it was gone. Sighing David put away his rifle “Daniel I think we lost it, damn that would have been a really good sell in town. I have a feeling we won’t be seeing that wolf again for a while lets go check the rabbit traps.” They walked back through the woods to check the traps they had set for rabbits.

A few miles away the wolf limped into a small cave to tend to the wound in its hind leg. Clouds rolled in over the sky threatening with thunder to pour down within the hour. The wolf’s white fur was stained with blood around the bullet wound and the pain was intense. Biting and gnawing at the skin it tried to get the bullet out but it was too far in. The wolf looked up at the sky then began to change, its bones began cracking and moving to form a human skeleton. The long white tail shrank into the spinal cord its fur shed completely revealing light tan skin. It didn’t take long for the wolf to transform into a young woman with bright white hair and blue eyes. Instinctively she tried to stand up after completing transformation but the wound in her upper leg prohibited it. She sat up against a boulder calming herself so she could work up the strength to pull out the bullet. A small puddle of water wasn’t too far away although she knew she would have trouble walking over to it so she held up her hand and concentrated. Soon a small stream of water rose up from the puddle smiling she moved her hand in a pulling motion bringing the water to her leg to clean the blood off.

After cleaning the wound she could see the bullet was able to be grabbed gently she sunk her fingertips into the gash and pulled it out. She let out a small wince of pain then used the water to enhance her power of healing and close the wound. When she was able to stand she stood up and walked around, the rocky ground crunching beneath her feet as she explored her little cave. She felt confused not recognizing her surroundings at all ‘where did that gate take me’ she wondered then thought about the hunters who shot her ‘they were mortal shaped did they know who I was? They had to of they shot me with some kind of metal, but Lunarians don’t usually fight in mortal form. If I am to find out anything about where I am I might have to take a chance and find out who they were.’ With that she left the solitude of the cave and set out to find the two hunters. The clouds got darker and rumbled louder as she pushed through the bushes, the crunching of leaves under her feet signifying late autumn.

It felt like hours of wandering through the woods before she found a small cottage and a barn in a clearing of the forest. She figured it was going to rain any second so she ran and took shelter in the barn. The building she stood in seemed old and rickety, the wood looked ready to fall apart. She knew the men that shot her would be back soon and was afraid but she knew she needed a place to hide. As a result of her recent events she wasn’t sure if she could trust them although it seemed like she didn’t have a choice. As she looked around the building she saw an animal unfamiliar to her, a cow. Slowly she walked up to it “hello there” she greeted the creature but all she got in response was a loud MOO.

She looked at the cow with a smile and pet its head gently “I can smell that you would be an adequate meal but you seem so innocent and I don’t think your masters would appreciate if I killed you, so don’t worry I won’t hurt you.” She continued to look around the building and realized she was still naked so she looked around for something to cover herself with. Most of the items in the barn were strange to her; the metal tools, a pitchfork, the hay on the ground. The thing that caught her attention was a small teddy bear sitting on a shelf in the back of the barn. When she picked it up and felt how soft it was she felt the need to hold it to her body. For some reason it gave her comfort with its soft fur and cuteness. Soon she found an old large cloth on the wall so she tore it up into two pieces one tying around her breasts and the other around her waist ‘it’s not much but it will keep me covered’

white wolf
white wolf | Source

They walked along their snare trail arguing with one another as most brothers do. “How did we lose that wolf man you’d think it would have slowed down after it was injured?” David questioned. Daniel looked at his brother and sighed “I don’t know but hopefully we can find it again someday” they came up on the snares they had set and only found three rabbits caught “well this kind of sucks I was hoping to get more for lunch tomorrow” David said frowning. Cutting the wires loose they carried the rabbits back to the cabin. David looked over to the barn door and noticed it was open “dammit Daniel did you leave the barn door open again?! How many times do I have to remind you to do that?” David ranted on about needed to lock the barn so no other animals will hurt their livestock. Daniel looked at the barn confused then spoke up defending himself “David I swear I closed it this time I haven’t left it open for weeks. I have been taking care not to since that coyote got one of our chickens the last time I left it open.”

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