A poem About Abuse: Fearful Love

The first day we met you had me so fooled

I thought you were absolutely flawless

The way you held my hand was so gentle

Your passionate kisses, so sweet they gave me butterflies

But as time went by I soon realized you were not at all who I thought you were

You turned into a true monster

Your touches once sweet and gentle,

Turned into horrible,angry strikes of pain

All those loving long hugs and sweet kisses,

Quickly turned into ways of covering up all your lies

I used to think it was cute how you would get a little jealous when I would talk to my male friends,

Until that little bit of jealousy turned into a vicious violent streak

In the beginning you told me how beautiful I was and how much you loved me,

But that quickly turned into constant name calling

Followed by your favorite catch phrase of, "see what you made me do"

You used to make me feel wonderful

In the end you just made me feel scared

I will never forget you not because I love you still

But because you're all I never want again


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