Fellowships for Writers and Poets - No Entry Fees! (Updated for 2015)

Fellowships for Writers and Poets
Fellowships for Writers and Poets

Creative writing fellowships are plentiful in the United States to help struggling writers, poets and authors work on and complete a significant writing project. Fellowships for both writers and poets provide necessary financial support and guidance to help creative individuals succeed in their chosen careers. In this special Hub, I provide you with the top fellowships for non-fiction writers, fiction writers and poets. Each fellowship is sponsored by a top university, college or government agency in the United States. Most of these fellowships have NO entry fees (meaning you can enter for free) because many of these fellowships receive financial backing by a private donor or from allotted funds provided by the state.

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This webpage is copyrighted. All content on this webpage is protected by United States copyright laws and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast elsewhere without written permission from me.

Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest - $20,000 Prize - No Entry Fee

Ayn Rand Institute welcomes students around the world to submit essays to its annual Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest. Grand prize winner will receive a cash prize of $20,000; three second-place winners will receive $2,000 each, and five third-place winners will receive $1,000 each.

Atlas Shrugged, a novel written by acclaimed writer Ayn Rand, tells the story of a declining United States where many of the nation's most successful entrepreneurs protest against being manipulated by escalating taxes and state and federal government policies and begin to vanish, stopping their crucial industries. The vanishings rouse the imagination of what would transpire if the mythical Atlas rejected to proceed to hold up the sky.

The Atlas Shrugged Contest has three topics revolving around Rand's book. Students must choose one topic and write about it in essay form, from 800 to 1,600 words. Judges will evaluate students on writing style and quality and how they perceive and interpret the rational meaning of Atlas Shrugged.

College students, graduates, and 12th graders are eligible to enter.

Deadline: October 23, 2015 | Apply to essay contest

The Thurber House Residency
The Thurber House Residency

2015 Children’s Writer-in-Residence - $4,000 Stipend - No Entry Fee

Thurber House of Columbus, Ohio is offering a month-long residency with a $4,000 stipend to assist a published children's author with working on his or her next writing project. The author will have housing accommodations in a furnished apartment, located on the third floor of Thurber House. Besides a having a distraction-free environment to write, the author will also spend at least 10 hours a week educating youngsters about the pleasures of writing as part of Thurber House's Camp for kids. The author can select June, July, or August for the residency.

To be eligible, you must have one children's or Y.A. book published by a commercial trade publisher, but no more than give five published or under contract. You should have a background in teaching and/or working with kids in an academic environment.

Deadline: October 30, 2015 | Apply to Children's Writer-in-Residence


McKnight Artist Fellowships for Writers - $25,000 Prize - No Entry Fee

Minnesota writers can submit their creative prose or children's stories to the McKnight Artist Fellowships for Writers sponsored by The Loft Literary Center (est. 1974). The judges will award five cash prizes of $25,000--one prize to a writer of children's literature (ages 8+) and four prizes to each writer of creative prose (fiction or creative nonfiction). The fellowship supports writers who need funds and "quiet time" to continue or start a work-in-progress with limited distractions.

Eligibility for the Creative Prose Fellowship:

1. Must be a resident of Minnesota for at least 1 year before entering.2. Writers must be published authors of a book: a novel, a compendium of personal essays, memoir, a collection of stories, etc.** OR **3. Writers must have five or more pieces of literary work in three or more different print/digital publications that regularly publish prose.

Eligibility for the Children's Literature Fellowship:

1. Must be a resident of Minnesota for at least 1 year before entering.

2. Must be a published author of a children's book aimed at ages 8 and above.+ year olds.

** OR **

3. Must have three or more stories published in a digital/print publication that regularly publishes children's literature.

Deadline: November 6, 2015 | Apply to Fellowship

Patrick Henry Fellowship
Patrick Henry Fellowship | Source

Patrick Henry Fellowship - $45,000 Stipend - No Entry Fee

The C.V. Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience sponsored by Washington College accepts applications for its full-time domestic fellowships, which assist in developing "a literary work" on American tradition and heritage.

The Writing Fellowship includes a $45,000 stipend, plus medical benefits, school privileges, a budget for supplies, and a 9-month residency. Applicants must have a significant novel-size project presently in development. The writing project must address the history and/or heritage of the American Revolution as well as the country's beginning views.

The judges want work that attributes to ongoing nationwide discussions about America's past and current events, with the possibility to distribute the writer's work to a vast general population. Entries from published authors and recognized historians are accepted.

Deadline: November 1, 2015 | Apply to fellowship


Creative Writing Fellow in Poetry - $30,000 Salary - No Entry Fee

The Creative Writing Program at Emory University (Atlanta, Georgia) is inviting undergrad students to apply to its two-year writing fellowship in poetry, which will start in Fall 2015.

The fellow will receive a salary of $30,000, paid healthcare, access to all writing workshops, and free use of the Raymond Danowski Poetry Library, a 75,000-volume historical and contemporary poetry library at Emory.

This fellowship is open to writers who have earned an MFA or a Ph.D in the last five years, with a background in teaching creative writing. The University also prefers that writers have a history of publication and interests in other genres.

To apply, writers need to submit an online application with a cover letter explaining teaching expertise and objectives, a resume, two recommendation letters, and a 15-page composition demonstrating the writer's skill.

Deadline: reopens October 2016. | Apply to Fellowship


Individual Artist Fellowships Grant - $5,000 - No Entry Fee

The S.C. Arts Commission (est. 1967) is accepting entries of prose and poetry for this year's Individual Artist Fellowships Grant.

Up to four finalists will each receive a grant of $5,000 for financial support of their writing careers. South Carolina writers of fiction, literary non-fiction, poetry, or plays will need to submit up to 20 pages of their work.

Judges award these fellowships to writers of promising talents and literary achievements.

Deadline: November 2, 2015 | Apply to Artist Fellowship


Individual Artist Fellowships in Literature - $5,000 Prize - No Entry Fee

Every three years The Nebraska Arts Council (NAC) opens submissions to its Individual Artist Fellowships in Literature. This year NAC will award three monetary prizes to prose and poetry writers whose literary work and writing skills deserve special recognition.

The finalist will receive a $5,000 cash prize, a second honorable mention will receive $2,000 and a third honorable mention will receive $1,000.

This fellowship is open to Nebraska residents, 19 years and older, and offers three submission categories: Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction. Only one entry is allowed.

The judges will accept published or unpublished material. For prose, submit 1-2 short stories, up to 50 pages. For poetry, submit up to five poem, up to 30 pages.

Deadline: November 17, 2014 | Apply to Fellowship


Pacific Standard Editorial Fellowship - $400/weekly - No Entry Fee

Pacific Standard is welcoming writers who are pursuing a journalism career to apply to the company's annual fellowship. The recipient will receive a $400 weekly salary, plus extensive on-hands experience working with media professionals and seasoned journalists. The fellowship is a one-year term running from January to December.

Applicants must be at the start or middle of a journalism career, know how to meet deadlines in a busy work setting, and have an understanding of public policy, current affairs, hard news and academic research to uncover solutions to our society's more important problems.

The writer's tasks will include helping editorial staff in publishing editorial content from start to finish; develop online editorial articles based on research; source and assemble visual material to accompany articles; and assist with administrative functions.

Deadline: November 30, 2014 | Apply to Fellowship

Wallace Stegner Fellowships
Wallace Stegner Fellowships | Source

Wallace Stegner Fellowships - $26,000 Stipend

The Wallace Stegner Fellowships at Stanford University provides 10 two-year fellowships annually: 5 fellowships in fiction writing and 5 fellowships in poetry writing. Candidates in each genre meet weekly in a three-hour class with teachers. Fellows are defined as working artisans, motivated to practice their craft, and improve and perfect their talents. Fellows do not have to meet any curricular demands except for attending workshops. The Fellowship does not offer a degree.

To meet the requirements of the Fellowship, writers must demonstrate the quality of their creative work, their willingness to develop their skills, and their capacity to expand their expertise through workshops. Fellowships have a living stipend of $26,000 annually. Additionally, Stanford University pays educational costs and medical health insurance.

The Stegner Fellowship is a full-time educational investment. Candidates must reside nearby to Stanford to go to classes, readings, and social functions. Entry fee: $75.

Deadline: December 1, 2014 | Apply to fellowship


Bachelor of Humanities High School Essay Contest - $500 Prize - No Entry Fee

Carleton University is sponsoring this year's Bachelor of Humanities High School Essay Contest which will award one finalist and an honorable mention with a cash prize of $500 and $250 respectively, in recognition of the best essay. The topic that students must explore and discuss in narrative form is: "What are the advantages of combining the study of the humanities and the sciences?" The length of the essay must be under 1000 words. Winners will be announced in March 2015.

Deadline: December 5, 2014 | Apply to Contest


Prize in Ethics Essay Contest - $5,000 Prize - No Entry Fee

The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity is inviting college and university students to enter its Prize in Ethics Essay Contest. First prize is $5,000 awarded to the best essay on an important ethical issue that the student has experienced and what he or she had learned from the experience. Second prize is $2,500; third prize is $1,500; and two other finalists will receive $500 each. Word length is 3K to 4K words/essay. This contest is open to full-time students at any 4-year accredited college in the United States.

Deadline: December 8, 2014 | Enter Essay Contest


J. Anthony Lukas Work-in-Progress Award - $30,000 Prize - No Entry Fee

Columbia Journalism School is seeking entries for its annual J. Anthony Lukas Work-in-Progress Award, which awards a cash prize of $30,000 to an emerging or established writer of non-fiction. Since 1998, the Award has celebrated and supported the talents of writers who have dedicated themselves to earnest research and writing to finish a book.

The cash prize helps an author work on and complete a major undertaking of nonfiction on a subject of U.S. constitutional or social interest. For eligibility, you must already be contracted with a professional publisher to write a non-fiction book. The application process requires you to submit a book proposal, a sample chapter, and a summary of how you intend to use the prize to complete your book.

Deadline: December 10, 2014. No entry fee.

[ Enter Lukas Non-Fiction Award ]


Science and Agricultural Journalism Writing Contest for Young Journalists - $1,000 Scholarship - No Entry Fee

The Science and Agricultural Journalism Program at the University of Missouri is sponsoring a writing contest for high school seniors enrolled in a journalism class. The judges will award a cash prize of $1,000 to the journalist who has demonstrated excellence in reporting about agriculture, the environment, or any topic in-between.

Students will pick one of three topics and write an in-depth essay about the topic. The three topics are:

Topic #1:
Science and Environmental Journalism
Write an essay about an emerging and most significant science or ecological field and how journalists need to communicate this to society.

Topic #2:
Food Journalism
Write an essay about how the foods you've eaten over the years echo the lifestyle of your family, ancestry and/or locality.

Topic #3:
Agricultural Journalism
Write an essay about the responsibility that arboricultural reporters serve in addressing the concerns of food instability, both nationally and internationally.

The length of the essay should not exceed four pages, double-spaced.This writing contest is open to all high school seniors in the United States.

Deadline: December 1, 2014 | Enter Writing Contest


The Ian MacMillan Writing Awards - $500 Prizes - No Entry Fee

The Hawai'i Review is accepting both fiction and poetry for The Ian MacMillan Writing Awards. Students enrolled in the University of Hawai'i, as well as non-students, may submit one short story (up to 7K words), or up to six poems (500 lines max).

The winner in each genre will receive a prize of $500, plus publication in a future issue. Other finalists will also receive publication.

Published since 1973 by UH Manoa, the The Hawai'i Review publishes two literary issues annually, featuring prose, poetry, and artwork by local, national, and foreign students.

Deadline: December 15, 2014 | Enter Writing Awards Here


The Striking Prose Competition - $1,500 Prize - No Entry Fee

The Striking Prose Competition, sponsored by the University of Lethbridge (Alberta, Canada), is accepting submissions of prose from undergrads of the school. Students or a group can submit one entry, up to 6K words. Three cash prizes will be awarded to students who have written the best prose. The amounts are $1,500 (first prize), $750 (second prize), and $250 *(third prize). First-place winner also gets critical writing guidance and help from the judges.

Deadline: December 13, 2014. Enter Striking Prose Competition


The Michael Shaara Award for Excellence in Civil War Fiction - $5,000 Prize - No Entry Fee

The Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College sponsors the annual Michael Shaara Award for Excellence in Civil War Fiction, which awards a cash prize of $5,000 to a writer who has written a full-length novel about the Civil War.

Best-selling author Jeff Shaara established the award in 1997 to recognize the best fiction covering the Civil War. He named this award to honor his father, author of the novel The Killer Angels. Gettysburg College presents the award to the winner on the anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

You can submit an novel of fiction that approaches Civil War in a fresh and original way. Only novels published by a reputable book publisher are eligible. Self-published books are not accepted. There is NO entry fee to submit your work.

Deadline is December 31, 2014 | Enter fiction writing contest


La Sierra University English Scholarship - $10,000 Prize - No Entry Fee

La Sierra University has established a $10,000 first-prize and $5,000 second-prize scholarship to recognize high school seniors who have demonstrated excellent in writing a short story, essay, or poem.

This scholarship is open to students who have graduated with a 3.0 GPA and are enrolling at La Sierra University with a major or minor in English. The University will disperse the prize money over four years with the stipulation that the award-winners maintain a 3.0 GPA.

Students can submit a short story, between 800 and 2500 words; a scholarly or narrative essay, between 800 and 2500 words; or poetry (open line count).

Deadline: December 31, 2014 | Apply for Scholarship

The Steinbeck Fellows Program
The Steinbeck Fellows Program | Source

The Steinbeck Fellows Program - $10,000 Stipend - Free to enter

The San José State University offers the famous "Steinbeck Fellows Program," gifted by The Martha Heasley Cox Center for Steinbeck Studies. This Fellowship gives promising writers of all ages and qualifications a chance to focus on a major writing project while living at SJSU.

The purpose of the Fellowship is to assist writers who have achieved little success, and whose "works-in-progress" would greatly benefit by financial support and sponsorship.

The Steinbeck Fellowship pays respects to literary genius John Steinbeck. The Fellowship allows the recipient to 1) talk with other skilled writers, teachers and graduates; and 2) share his or her "work-in-progress" through a public reading at some point during the fellowship.

The Fellowship awards a $10,000 stipend, and also includes residency assistance. The San José State University provides 1-year fellowships in creative writing; this includes fiction writing, drama writing, creative nonfiction, and biography writing. The Fellowship does not require the candidate to produce a creative piece of work connected to any of Steinbeck's literary works.

Deadline: January 2, 2015 | Apply to fellows program


The Riva Yares Arts and Humanities Award - $1,000 Prize - No Entry Fee

Arizona State University is inviting enrolled full-time undergraduates to enter this year's RIVA Award, an arts and humanities contest that awards a stipend of $1,000.

The judges welcome submissions of strong creative articulation personifying the purpose of ASU's Project Humanities program: 'Talking, Listening, and Connecting.'

Submissions can include literary works, music, art, multimedia, dance, and theatre. The main criteria for a submission is that it exhibits a spirited, artistic expression which spurs dialogue in the arts and rejoices in the humanities.

To enter, you will need to submit one piece that showcases your artistic talent, plus a summary of your submission and how it advances the purpose of Project Humanities.

Deadline: January 5, 2015 | Enter Riva Award

Dobie Paisano Fellowships
Dobie Paisano Fellowships | Source

Dobie Paisano Fellowships - $20,000 Stipend

The Dobie Paisano Fellowship Program sponsored by the University of Texas offers writers and authors privacy, valuable time, and a relaxed place to develop their writing project about Texas. The retreat sits on a 250 acre ranch, 20 minutes west of Austin, Texas.

Writers can apply to two different fellowships: the Ralph A. Johnston Memorial Fellowship offers a stipend of $5,000 a month; and the Jesse H. Jones Writing Fellowship offers a stipend of $3,000 a month. Both fellowships are open to creative writers and non-fiction writers.

The Jesse H. Jones Writing Fellowship is directed at aspiring writers who could use the prolonged period of time at the ranch to develop their works. The Ralph A. Johnston Memorial Fellowship is directed at writers who have already gained some success in writing and publishing, but who would also benefit. Applicants may apply for both fellowships. Entry fee: $20.

Deadline: January 15, 2015 | Apply to fellowship

International Essay Prize
International Essay Prize | Source

International Essay Prize - $3,000 Prize - No Entry Fee

The Terra Foundation (Chicago, Illinois) for American Art sponsors the annual International Essay Prize, which awards a cash prize of $1,000, plus a $2,000 allowance to travel to Washington, D.C., to distinguishes a non-U.S. scholarly writer who has written the best insightful essay in the area of traditional American art (around 1500-1980).

Judges will select the best essay that progresses the awareness of American art, manifesting new discoveries and unique viewpoints. The Terra Foundation will also translate and publish the winning essay in Smithsonian American Art Museum's academic periodical.

Deadline: January 15, 2015 | Apply to essay prize

The Posen Foundation serves worldwide to progress Jewish education and support Jewish culture in the public.
The Posen Foundation serves worldwide to progress Jewish education and support Jewish culture in the public.

The Posen Foundation Fiction Fellowship - $40,000 Cash Prize

The Posen Foundation awards a cash prize of $40,000 (given over two years) to two fiction writers who are working on a Jewish-themed book or short story compilation. The two winning authors will get together each summer to discuss their work and attend workshops and lectures by leading scholars and writers. Each Fellow is required to attend two annual gatherings.

The Posen Foundation asks writers of fiction to send a writing sample, a current resume, and a summary of what the author is working on right now. Novelists can submit a writing sample of 30-40 pages of prose. Short story writers can submit 2-3 finished stories. Qualified writers must not have had a first book published yet. It is free to apply.

Deadline: January 15, 2015 | Apply to fellowship


DuPont Challenge Science Essay Competition - $100,000 in Prizes - No Entry Fee

Dupont is seeking submissions from U.S. high school students (7th-12th grade) for its 2014 DuPont Challenge Science Essay Competition, which will award over $100,000 in prizes and accolades to students who have written the best essays on how science can improve our world.

The purpose of the competition is to inspire students to think about how science, research, technology and development can fulfill the demands of our world for food, energy, and preservation.

Students must write one of the the four categories:

1) How can we feed the world.
2) How can we establish a strong energy future.
3) How can we protect ourselves and the natural environment.
4) How can we innovate ourselves wherever.

Suggested world length is 700 to 1K words.

Deadline: January 31, 2015

You can enter here: http://www.thechallenge.dupont.com


Walter Rumsey Marvin Grant - $1,000 Prize - No Entry Fee

The Ohioana Library Association invites entries of creative writing for its annual Walter Rumsey Marvin Grant.

Available to adolescent writers (under 30 years old), the Grant offers a cash prize of $1,000 to an author of the best story on any topic or theme. The Ohioana Quarterly will also publish the winning author's story in a forthcoming issue.

Word length: 10-60 pages (double-spaced). Each writer may submit up to six stories.

Eligibility: applicant must have either been born Ohio or is a resident of Ohio. Must not have had a book commercially published.

Deadline: January 31, 2015 | Apply to Grant


Grand Prix Essay Competition - $1,200 and $1,000 Prizes - No Entry Fee

Hektoen International (est. 2008), a journal that examines the interdisciplinary sector of the medical liberal arts, is inviting writers to enter its annual Grand Prix Essay Competition, which will award two cash first-prizes of $1,200 and $1,000 to a writer in each category who has written the best essay.

The first-prize recognizes the writer who has written an essay about a historical or modern hospital.

The second prize recognizes the writer who has written a humanities piece on art, diseases, medicine, literature, important medical events, etc.

Writers may enter both categories. Submissions should be under 1600 words per essay.

Deadline: January 31, 2015 | Enter Essay Contest


Google Journalism Fellowship - $8,500 Stipend - No Entry Fee

Budding journalism students can gain hands-on experience at major newspapers and media companies by applying to the Google Journalism Fellowship program. Students enrolled in college or a recognized academy are eligible.

Google will offer selected students an allowance of $8,500, plus $1,000 to cover travel expenses. Students will spend 10 weeks learning the ins and outs of journalism at one or more of the participating news organizations. This Fellowship places extra emphasis on helping students harness existing and new technologies to communicate and share stories in unique and powerful ways.

Deadline: January 31, 2015 | Apply to Journalism Fellowship

Kresge Artist Fellowships
Kresge Artist Fellowships | Source

Kresge Arts in Detroit - $25,000 Stipend - Free to Enter

Kresge Arts in Detroit sponsors the Kresge Artist Fellowships, which awards a cash prize of $25,000 per category to recognize high standards in creative accomplishment, in modern or time-honored styles. In 2015, Kresge Arts in Detroit will award nine $25,000 fellowships in the literary arts and nine fellowships in the visual arts. The Fellowships help to promote and support both aspiring and seasoned creative individuals in various disciplines such as literary, visual arts, and performance arts.

The Kresge Artist Fellowships will award cash prizes in two categories, one for literary arts and the second for visual arts in 2015. The Literary category welcomes "arts criticism," literary fiction, poetry, spoken verse, and creative non-fiction. The Visual category welcomes art and technology, painting, photography, sculpture, video art, and so on.

To be eligible, you must have: 1) verifiable work history of producing high quality artistic work in your category; 2) an aptitude to thrive and improve in your creative career; and 3) the willingness to share and demonstrate your artistic skills and talents to positively influence areas within urban Detroit.

Deadline: January 22, 2015 | Apply to fellowship


Bluefire Journal's Fiction Writing Competition - $1,000 Scholarship - No Entry Fee

The Leyla Beban Young Authors Foundation is inviting ambitious young writers (grades 6-12) to enter the annual Bluefire Journal's $1000 for 1000 Words.

The fiction writing competition challenges young writers to craft a creative short story, based on their own original thinking, in exactly 1000 words. The finalists in each grade level will receive a cash prize of $100, plus publication. Additionally, the judges will award $1,000 scholarships to the best stories written by a middle-grade and high school student.

One story per entry. The judges will critique stories based on originality, uniqueness, imagination and length.

Deadline: February 1, 2015 | Enter Creative Writing Contest


Philip Roth Residence in Creative Writing - $4,000 Stipend - No Entry Fee

Bucknell University funds the Philip Roth Residence in Creative Writing, which awards a $4,000 stipend and a 4-month residency on campus to the best aspiring creative writer of fiction or nonfiction in 2015.

This Award helps the chosen writer to finish his or her first or second book of prose. The writer is obligated to stage a lecture of his or her work as well as to reside on campus during the fall semester (without any explicit scholarly responsibilities). Besides free lodging on campus, the writer is also given an office in the Stadler Center for Poetry, the literary hub of Bucknell University.

To be eligible, you must be older than 20 years of age, live in the U.S., and not be registered as a student in a college or educational institution. (Individuals registered in a college or educational institution when filing the application are still allowed). It is recommended that you can show proof of publication of past work (s). You will need to submit an application form, a resume, and three references.

Deadline is February 1, 2015. Apply for the Philip Roth Prize

Raiziss/de Palchi Translation Awards
Raiziss/de Palchi Translation Awards | Source

Raiziss/de Palchi Translation Awards - $25,000 Stipend plus $10,000 Book Prize

Established in 1995, the Raiziss/de Palchi Translation Awards acknowledges exceptional translations into English of contemporary Italian poetry via a $10,000 book award and a $25,000 fellowship.

The Academy of American Poets offers this Fellowship to help an American translator to travel, research, and develop a major "work-in-progress." The recipient also earns a residency at the American Academy in Rome.

The Fellowship accepts submissions with an entry form. Publishers can send in translations produced anytime prior to now, but only books by existing translators are considered. Self-published books are rejected.

Deadline: February 15, 2015 | Apply to fellowship


The International Writers Project at Brown University - $45,000 Stipend

The Brown International Writers Project accepts applications for its full-year fellowship with residency. This Fellowship offers refuge and assistance for proven creative writers (poetry writers, writers of fiction works, and playwrights) who are oppressed in their residing countries and/or who are stopped from seeking free expression using their literary talents.

The chosen writer will participate in a community of literary professors and scholars. The Fellowship includes a number of classroom sessions, literary readings and activities that 1) emphasize the creative and political lifestyle of the writer and 2) tackle the worldwide issues of individual rights and open expression. It includes a $45,000 stipend, relocation expenses, and health/medical benefits. Free to enter.

Deadline: February 15, 2015 | Apply to writers project


Smith Publicity Scholarship for Persuasive Writing - $1,000 Prize - No Entry Fee

Smith Publicity, a book marketing agency, will award a $1,000 cash prize to a high school or college student who has written the most outstanding composition on persuasive writing.

The judges seek compositions of up to 1500 words on how the student influenced someone through writing, backed up by a true-life example, while analyzing the craft of persuasive writing compared to spoken persuasion.

Deadline: February 15, 2015 | Enter Writing Contest

Al Smith Individual Artist Fellowship
Al Smith Individual Artist Fellowship | Source

Al Smith Individual Artist Fellowship - $7,500 Prize

The Kentucky Arts Council sponsors The Al Smith Individual Artist Fellowships which awards a $7,500 cash prize for a Kentucky writer or poet who has attained a noticeable standard of brilliance and originality in their work.

The Fellowship is available for writers (creative non-fiction, fiction, poetry and verse, playwriting, and screenwriting in even-numbered years (2012, 2014, 2016, etc.).

The main goal of this Fellowship is to support and advance the creative careers of Kentucky artists and their creative endeavors. Additionally, the Fellowship creates national publicity and recognition of Kentucky artists.

Deadline: February 15, 2016 | Apply to fellowship


The Matthew Power Literary Reporting Award - $12,500 Prize - No Entry Fee

New York University is sponsoring The Matthew Power Literary Reporting Award which offers a collective stipend of $12,500 to recognize an emerging journalist or nonfiction literary writer for his or her writing talents and investigative work that explores facts about the human condition.

The Award grants $6,000 for a winning story proposal; another $3,000 upon proof of considerable progress of the project; and $3,500 upon finalization and approval by the board. The writer will also receive full access to the NYU Bobst Library, including a workspace and WiFi and research privileges.

The award follows the acknowledgment that many vital stories need journalists to report them from remote areas, and that many media companies and organizations lack funds and resources to assign a qualified writer to where the story is.

Deadline: February 16, 2015 | Apply to Award


Memorial Scholarship in Fiction Writing - $600 Prize - No Entry Fee

Undergrad students enrolled at the Univ. of Maryland are encouraged to enter the Sebastian Herbstein Memorial Scholarship in Fiction Writing for the opportunity to win a $600 prize for the best short fictional story. A second winner will also receive a $300 prize.

This scholarship is open to students in a major degree program or other field of study at the university. The judges will critique submissions on strong storytelling, writing skills, and overall theme.

In addition to the cash prizes, the winning stories will be posted at the university's website.

Deadline: March 4, 2015 | Apply to Scholarship


The Halls Emerging Artist Fellowship - $27,000 Stipend - NO Entry Fee

The University of Wisconsin sponsors up to 7 fellowships (each lasting a full year) for fiction writers and poets; this includes three fiction fellowships, two poetry fellowships, one playwriting fellowship, and one fellowship in fiction or poetry for an alumna. The winner of each fellowship receives a $27,000 stipend. The University also pays a for a semester-long course in teaching average or professional undergrad creative writing.

Winners in both fiction and poetry present a public reading during the spring semester. In addition, all winners will judge applicants' submissions of the University's other writing contests and fellowships.

Since the inception of these fellowships at the University of Wisconsin, winning fellows have published--collectively--over 90 full-length novels and compilations of fiction stories, many of them earning national recognition. For eligibility, you must have finished or are in the process of finishing an MFA or PhD in Creative Writing at the University.

The Halls Emerging Artist Fellowship is granted to a graduate from the University's Creative Writing MFA program. For eligibility, you must be an unpublished writer or poet prior to submission. This means you must not have had any professional works published by a reputable publisher.

It is FREE to enter this fellowship; the other University's fellowships require a reading fee.

Deadline: February 28, 2015 | Enter Artist Fellowship

Image courtesy of arts.state.ms.us
Image courtesy of arts.state.ms.us | Source

Mississippi Arts Commission's Artist Fellowship - $5,000 Cash Prize

The Mississippi Arts Commission (MAC) sponsors the annual Artist Fellowship to recognize Mississippi writers and artists of quintessential work in their field of specialty. MAC will award a stipend of up to $5,000 in a variety of creative arts categories. Writers can apply to the Agency's Literary Arts category, which includes screenwriting, playwriting, and creative non-fiction. Professional writers residing and employed in Mississippi can enter.

Only a few applicants receive the award each year, making the Artist Fellowship very competitive. You can submit an application only once a year. You can enter the Artist Fellowship if you are a professional writer who produces work of refined artistic distinction.

The Literary Arts category requires you to submit a writing sample, 15 to 20 pages total, that you've finished within the last three years. If your sample is a section from a broader work, then include a one-page summary representing the whole work.

MAC is registered in the U.S. as a state agency, financed by the Mississippi Legislature and the National Endowment for the Arts. The Agency continually supports and promotes arts in the community and in education. It is free to apply.

Deadline: March 2, 2015 | Enter Literary Arts Fellowship

Lunch Ticket Literary Journal
Lunch Ticket Literary Journal

Diana Woods Memorial Award in Creative Nonfiction - $250 Prize - No Entry Fee

Lunch Ticket, a publication Antioch University (Los Angeles), is hosting this year's Diana Woods Memorial Award in Creative Nonfiction. Authors are encouraged to submit unpublished creative non-fiction essays, up to 5K words, on any subject.

Multiple winners will each receive a prize of $250, plus publication in a future issue. All other essays of high-literary merit may also appear in Lunch Ticket.

There are two deadlines during the year: February 28, and August 30th | Enter creative non-fiction award

National Endowment of the Arts
National Endowment of the Arts | Source

National Endowment for the Arts Literature Fellowships 
- $25,000 Cash Prize

The National Endowment of the Arts sponsors the NEA Literature Fellowships which awards $25,000 cash prizes in creative writing (fiction and creative nonfiction) as well as poetry.

The cash prize enables the winner to dedicate himself more fully to the writing process so he can advance his career and creative talents. An anonymous review panel reviews all applicants' submissions. The only benchmark for review is submitting material that exemplifies artistic brilliance and artistic value.

The Fellowship runs on a two-year cycle: fellowships in prose and poetry are offered in rotating years. For the year 2013, NEO offers fellowships in poetry. For the year 2014, NEA offers fellowships in prose (creative writing). You can submit an application once every year.

United State Congress started The National Endowment for the Arts in 1965 as a separate bureau of the federal government. So far the NEA has donated over $4 billion to foster growth in many different individual and community artistic endeavors. No entry fee.

Deadline: March 11, 2015 | Apply to fellowship

The Milton Postgraduate Fellowships
The Milton Postgraduate Fellowships

The Milton Postgraduate Fellowships - $16,000 Stipend - $25 fee

The Milton Postgraduate Fellowships sponsored by English department at Seattle Pacific University provides aspiring writers of Christian faith the chance to finish a first novel-size manuscript of fictional works, poetry or verse, or creative non-fiction.

During the fellowship period, writers will 1) participate in a literary and faith based community; 2) connect with the editorial staff; 3) take part in the writer's workshops; and 4) experience the wonders of the energetic literary backdrop in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.

Each fellow is paired with a literary coach. The stipend for the 9-month fellowship is $16,000. The English department at Seattle Pacific University provides writers with their own "space" to finish their masterpieces.

Deadline: March 15, 2015 | Apply to fellowship


Food and Farming Journalism Fellowship - $10,000 Stipend - No Entry Fee

The Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley is inviting postgraduate journalists to enter this year's Food and Farming Journalism Fellowship. The new initiative will award ten early and mid-career journalists each with a $10,000 stipend, along with the opportunity to report on elaborate long-form narratives. Topics include arboricultural and nutritional policy, food science, the food sector, technology and agriculture, rural and urban farming, cultivation and the environment, and many other topics.

The judges welcome print and audio journalists to apply. The judges prefer U.S. focused stories, but will also look at global stories with a strong U.S. intersection or relationship.

To enter, journalists will need to submit a one-page pitch defining their story ideas, along with preparatory research, reporting and writing method.

Deadline: March 15, 2015 | Apply to Fellowship

The Hodson Trust-John Carter Brown Fellowship
The Hodson Trust-John Carter Brown Fellowship | Source

The Hodson Trust-John Carter Brown Fellowship - $20,000 Stipend

Washington College sponsors a second fellowship called the Hodson-Brown Fellowship to support the talents of writers and researchers who are carrying out a substantial project covering the humanities, history, civilization, and/or creative arts of the Americas prior to 1830.

This exclusive research and writing fellowship grants a cash stipend of $20,000 ($5,000 per month), plus free housing and university allowances. The Fellowship sponsors 2 months of research and 2 months of writing.

The winning fellow carries out his or her research at the on-campus John Carter Brown Library which houses a prize-collection of texts, maps and archives associated with North and South America and the Caribbean from 1492 to 1830. Free housing accommodations include an office in the Starr Center's (c. 1745) waterside Custom House, in addition to a modernized 1730s family-size house in Chestertown's historical district.

For eligibility, candidates must address a U.S. history topic prior to 1801. The fellowship also welcomes film-makers, book authors, and creative artists in other disciplines to apply.

Deadline: March 15, 2015 | Apply to fellowship

The Marguerite and Lamar Smith Fellowship
The Marguerite and Lamar Smith Fellowship | Source

The Marguerite and Lamar Smith Fellowship for Writers - $5,000 Stipend

Columbus State University sponsors the annual Marguerite and Lamar Fellowship for Writers, which offers a talented writer with a 3-month residency in a roomy exclusive apartment inside the Carson Smith-McCullers House. The Smith-McCullers House is situated on a peaceful non-commercial street in a culture-rich neighborhood of Columbus, Georgia.

The Fellowship's purpose is to offer the winning writer a quiet place to write where he or she can dedicate their full attention to their work, free from interruptions of everyday life and other occupational obligations. Columbus State University will provide the writer with a stipend of $5,000 to cover the expenses of travel, meals and other unforeseen accommodations.

The writer will team up with the Director to prepare a presentation close to completion of the fellowship term, as well as present or develop their work through public readings or workshop discussions.

To apply, submit the application, a writing sample less than 20 pages, and explain why you are a promising candidate and what work you expect to work on during the term.

Deadline: April 1, 2015 | Apply to fellowship


The National Health Journalism Fellowship - $2,000 Stipend - No Entry Fee

The 2014 National Health Journalism Fellowship is accepting applications from experienced news, broadcast, and print journalists who desire to improve their skills in health reporting and writing.

The Fellowship pays each journalist a $2,000 stipend to fund writing projects and pays all expenses for travel and accommodations.

Through seminars, workshops, and field trips, journalists will investigate and learn about examine the crossway between public health, health regulations, and the country's evolving ethnic groups. Journalists also discover techniques to record-- through facts and effective narration treatments-- the health injustices in their regional neighborhoods.

To apply, journalists must live in the U.S. and have at least three years of solid journalism experience. The committee also requests to receive a statement of purpose, a project proposal, a resume, samples of work, and a letter of reference.

Deadline: April 1, 2015 | Apply to Fellowship


Dennis A. Hunt Fund for Health Journalism - $10,000 Stipend - No Entry Fee

Along with the National Fellowship (see above), the organization also oversees the Dennis A. Hunt Fund for Health Journalism, a competitory endowment regimen to finance significant coverage on public health concerns.

Each Hunt beneficiary joins the National Fellowship and gets a $2,500 to $10,000 stipend to help with the reporting on a public health issue, especially topics on high-priority health concerns confronting neglected communities.

This grant is open to print, broadcast, and new media journalists (freelance or staff) who reside in the U.S.

To apply, journalists will need to submit pitches for stories or multimedia projects that highlight or introduce important public health or district health coverage matters.

Deadline: April 1, 2015 | Apply to Fellowship


The Waterman Fund Alpine Essay Contest - $1,500 Cash Prize

The Waterman Fund, a charitable trust fund founded by outdoor enthusiasts Guy and Laura Waterman, sponsors an annual essay competition to celebrate their wilderness enthusiasm. This year's contest theme is on "value and identity of wilderness."

Judges seek personal essays about what new technologies have emerged in the backcountry and how these new technologies are impacting your experiences in the wild. Appalachia Journal will publish the winning essay, and the writer will receive a cash prize of $1,500. The runner-up will receive a cash prize of $500.

Submit an original non-fiction essay, no less than 2,000 words, on the contest's theme. No fiction or poetry. For eligibility, your essay must not have been published as an article or as part of a book.

Deadline: April 15, 2015 | Apply to Essay Contest


The Arch Street Press Prize - $1,000 - Free to Enter

Students between the ages of 18 and 30 are invited to submit their nonfiction stories to The Arch Street Press Prize for an opportunity to win a $1,000 prize, along with a publishing contract.

This prize was established to revitalize enthusiasm in narrative writing in the United States and to further develop the talents and skills of fledgling wordsmiths.

Students enrolled in any accredited college or university is eligible--including international students--but must not have had any substantial work of nonfiction published.

Suggested word length is under 5K words.

Deadline: April 24, 2015 | Enter Prize

The National Council of Teachers of English
The National Council of Teachers of English | Source

Norman Mailer High School and College Writing Awards - $2,500 - $5,000 Cash Prizes - NO Entry Fee

The National Council of Teachers of English sponsors the annual Norman Mailer High School and College Writing Awards, which recognize the writing talents of high school and college students in the U.S.

Judges invite students to submit works of ordinary or speculative creative non-fiction, such as: 1) essays; 2) memoirs; 3) autobiographies; 4) creative journalism; or 5) portraits of people or communities. All works must exhibit promising literary talent, including uniqueness, quality of ideas, arrangement of words, and overall writing style.

The Writing Awards include the following:

1) H.S. Creative Non-Fiction: High school students can submit one literary work or a single work comprised of several works. Maximum length is 10 single-spaced pages, recommended by a teacher and approved by a parent or legal guardian. First-place winner is offered a cash prize of $2,500.

2) Two-Year Community College Creative Non-Fiction: Full-time college students can submit the same as above with a maximum length of 15 pages. First-place winner is offered a cash prize of $2,500.

3) Four-Year College Creative Non-Fiction: Full-time undergraduate students are invited to submit a work of creative non-fiction, not to exceed 15 pages. First-place winner is awarded a cash prize of $5,000.

4) College Poetry Award: College students (2 year or 4 year) can submit a single poem or a manuscript of poetry, not to exceed 10 single-spaced pages. First-place winner is offered a cash prize of $2,500.

The National Council also pays for travel expenses and accommodations up to a certain amount to the National Award Ceremony in NYC.

Deadline for all contests: April 30, 2015 | Apply to Writing Awards

The National Council of Teachers of English also sponsors the Middle School and High School Teachers Award, which awards a cash prize of $5,000 to a full/part-time teacher who has written the best creative non-fiction work. Deadline is July 31, 2014. Details: http://www.ncte.org/awards/nmwa


Daniel Pearl Investigative Journalism Fellowship - $5,000 Prize - No Entry Fee

Moment magazine is inviting early-career journalists (ages 22-38) to apply to this year's Daniel Pearl Investigative Journalism Fellowship, which will award a stipend of $5,000 to work on an in-depth journalistic project.

Named after Daniel Pearl, a mid-career journalist massacred by terrorists in 2002, this fellowship pushes journalists to cover investigative stories about modern instances of racial discrimination or other deeply ingrained bias.

In addition to the stipend, Moment magazine (est. 1975) will publish the journalist's stories in forthcoming issues and possibly other national media venues.


  1. Send proof of age
  2. Submit a resume
  3. Submit three published samples, one of which is a long-form news piece.
  4. Submit a story proposal on what you intend to cover related to the fellowship's purpose.
  5. Include two recommendations, one from an editor and the second from another journalist.

Deadline: May 1, 2015 | Apply to Fellowship

St. Francis College Literary Prize
St. Francis College Literary Prize | Source

St. Francis College Literary Prize - $50,000 Prize - NO Entry Fee

As a way to offer assistance and inspiration to the literary community, St. Francis College sponsors the biannual Literary Prize, awarding $50,000 to a talented mid-career writer who has published his or her third to fifth work of fiction.

You can submit either a novel or a compilation of short stories. The judges will accept translated and self-published books. In addition to the cash prize, the winning writer will also attend an awards ceremony and administer a short fiction workshop.

Deadline: May 1, 2015 | Apply to literary prize

Individual Artist Fellowships
Individual Artist Fellowships | Source

Individual Artist Fellowship - $13,000 Stipend

The Main Arts Commission offers the Individual Artist Fellowships to 1) recognize artistic perfection, 2) improve the professions of Maine writers and artists and 3) publicize public recognition for the creative community in Maine.

The Commission offers 5 fellowships yearly in practical craft, literary works, graphic arts, performing/video arts, and conventional arts. Original creators only are accepted, and candidates must use their own unique work.

Literary pieces must be samples of an artist's literary creation(s). Manuscripts should contain pieces of prose or up to 5 poems. Script and playwriting candidates should submit a one act or scene. Manuscripts in every genre cannot surpass 20 pages. The grant amount is $13,000.

Deadline: May 6, 2015 | Apply to fellowship


FOWA Writers' Scholarship - $1,000 Prize - No Entry Fee

The Florida Outdoor Writers Association (FOWA) offers an annual scholarship
to college students who are pursuing a writing career with the intention of writing about the outdoors. These scholarships award one or more writers a prize of $500 to $1,000 to support their efforts.

The judges want to hear from writers who aspire to convey to the general public the responsibility and appreciation for hunting, angling, conservation, and other elements of the outdoor adventure.

Eligibility: open to Florida students enrolled in an accredited college or university or any student recommended by a FOWA member.

To apply, writers must submit an application and a sample article between 500 and 1000 words.

Deadline: May 16, 2015 | Apply to Scholarship


The Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant Program - up to $50,000 - No Entry Fee

The Warhol Foundation Arts sponsors the annual Writers Grant Program which offers generous monetary prizes to support writers in working on a significant writing project related to contemporary visual art. Grants vary depending on the project, but range between $5,000 and $50,000.

The Warhol Foundation will award multiple grants to writers in the following categories:

Article Category: this includes essays, feature articles, and series-long event reviews. Articles can run 10-50 pages in print or online. Grants range from $5,000 to $12,000.

Blog Category: includes posting articles on a blog and publishing new blogs usually on an ongoing basis. Grants: $30,000 each.

Book Category: open to books at any phase of their production, from initial legwork through the finalization of composing the manuscript.; Writers are not required to be agented or under contract, but the book must contribute to the subject of contemporary visual art and embody distinction in arts writing. Grants are from $20,000 to $50,000.

New and Alternative Media Category: technology-driven media applied to the development of writing and reading material on contemporary visual arts. Grants are from $10,000 to $15,000.

Short-Form Writing Category: open to writers who frequently write stories between 250 and -1,500 words and cover current art events and and matters in the visual arts. Grants are $30,000 each.

Deadline: May 21, 2015 | Apply for Grants

Susan Sontag Prize for Translation
Susan Sontag Prize for Translation

Susan Sontag Prize for Translation - $5,000 Grant

The Susan Sontag Foundation awards a $5,000 grant to a writer or translator under 30 years of age who will translate a piece of literary work from French into English.

Judges will accept translations for fiction or letters in the form of novellas, short story collections, a compilation of poems, or plays of literary significance. Judges prefer non-translated works, although they will accept previously translated works.

The winner will work on translating the literary work during a four-month span and must partake in a group discussion on "literary translation" with peers and professionals in the field. The winner is also expected to read his or her translated work in a public reading.

Deadline: May 26, 2014 | Apply to translation prize


John E. Nance Writer-in-Residence - $4,000 Stipend - Free to Enter

The Thurber House is inviting writers to apply to the John E. Nance Writer-in-Residence. Now in its second year, the Writer-in-Residence program awards a prize of $4,000, plus a monthlong residence at the Thurber House, home to author and humorist James Thurber (d. 1961).

The writer will enjoy a furnished two-bedroom apartment where he or she can concentrate on writing. He or she will also participate in three local outreach programs which may include teaching literary workshops or providing public readings and discussion.

The committee welcomes applications from fiction or creative nonfiction authors who have had a book published within the previous three years. As part of the application process, writers must submit two copies of their published material and one work-in-progress project.

The residency begins in Fall 2014, from September through October.

Thurber House (the residence of satirist, author, and New Yorker cartoon artist James Thurber) is a charitable literary facility and a Thurber museum. The Center's purpose is to celebrate the many forms of literature and honor the heritage of James Thurber.

Deadline: June 2, 2015 | Apply for Writer-in-Residence


ALTA Stryk Translation Prize - $5,000 Fellowship - Free to Enter

The American Literary Translators Association (ALTA), founded in 1978, sponsors the annual Lucien Stryk Translation Prize, which will award a $5,000 cash prize to a talented translator who has translated a book-length text from one of these foreign languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Vietnamese, Sanskrit, Tibetan Tamil or Thai.

The prize helps unify social interchange and knowledge among nations and dialects via the method and expertise of literary translation.


1. The translated text must have been published last year in the U.S. or Canada.

2. The work must be a book-length text.

3. Translation must be in English of Asian poetry or original texts from Zen Buddhism.

4. Works to be translated may be contemporary, retranslations, or first translations of notable former works.

ALTA also welcomes entries for its ALTA Travel Fellowships which will offer 4-6 early-career translators with fellowships of $1,000 each to attend the ALATA conference where they will read from their translated works.

Deadline: May 1, 2015 | Apply to Fellowship


Towson Prize for Literature - $1,000 Prize - No Entry Fee

Formed in 1979 with an endowment from book-lovers, Alice and Franklin Cooley, Townson University (Towson, MD) offers an annual Prize for Literature, which awards a cash prize of $1,000 to a Maryland writer who has written the best book-length composition of fiction, creative nonfiction, drama, verse, or poetry. Judges evaluate submissions based on artistic and literary quality.

To be eligible, your manuscript must have been either published 3 years before the year of selection or planned for publishing within the year of selection. Judges will not consider self-published book-length works. This Prize is open only to Maryland residents who have lived in the state for three or more years when submitting material.

Deadline: June 15, 2015 | Apply to literature prize


Bard Fiction Prize - $30,000 Stipend - No Entry Fee

The Bard Fiction Prize sponsored by Bard College is bestowed to a talented, aspiring creative writer who resides in the U.S. and is younger than 40 yrs. old at the time of submitting the entry form. Along with the stipend of $30,000, the winning recipient will reside on campus at Bard College for one academic semester to advance his or her writing project. The recipient must also teach a course to students and give a public lecture as well. Bard's judges and faculty exemplify many of the most influential writers of our time.

The Fellowship was created to inspire and assist fledgling fiction writers to strive for their artistic goals and offer a vibrant, creative atmosphere in an academic setting.

To apply, submit a cover letter describing the project that you intend to work on while a fellow at Bard University. Also attach a resume, and 3 copies of a published book or novel that exhibits your best work.

Deadline: June 15, 2015 | Apply to Fiction Prize


The Norton Writer's Prize - $1,500 Prize - No Entry Fee

American book publishing company W. W. Norton & Company (est. 1923) is inviting college students to enter The Norton Writer's Prize. The student who has written the best essay will be awarded a cash prize of $1,500. A second and third winner will each receive a prize of $1,000.

The judges welcome essays in any form including narratives, literary, textual reports, dissertations, proposals, profiles, or articles. The judges will review essays for writing quality, analytical thinking, and creativeness.

Word length: 1K-3K words.

Students must be enrolled in a two or four year college, university, or an accredited higher learning school.

Deadline: June 16, 2015 | Enter The Norton Writer's Prize


Wyoming Arts Council Creative Writing Fellowships - $3,000 Prize - No Entry Fee

Each year the Wyoming Arts Council (WAC) sponsors the Creative Writing Fellowships in Fiction to recognize a creative writer who has written the most outstanding work of fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction. The category changes annually. This year the category is Fiction.

The finalist will receive a cash prize of $3,000, plus a $500 stipend to cover travel expenses to present his or her work at a public reading in Casper, WY.

Eligibility Guidelines:

  1. You must be 18 years or older
  2. You must be a resident of Wyoming
  3. Enter up to 25 pages of your best fiction. Book excerpts are also accepted of the same length.

WAC will notify the winner(s) sometime after August 2015.

Deadline: July 2, 2015 | Apply to Fellowship


Eugene C. Pulliam Fellowship for Editorial Writing - $75,000 Stipend - No Entry Fee

The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) welcomes staff and freelance editorial news columnists to enter its annual Eugene C. Pulliam Fellowship, which recognizes the talents and achievements of an ambitious journalist.

The Fellowship grants a stipend of $75,000 to help the journalist progress in his or her career as well as cover expenses for study, travel, research, and networking.

For eligibility, the writer must:

  1. have three or more years of experience in the industry;
  2. be employed part-time or full-time in the industry, or (if freelance) devote most of his or her time as a freelance columnist;
  3. exhibit strong writing skills, analytical writing, and investigative research;
  4. use the grant to further one's goals and careers without sacrificing her or her employment duties; and
  5. be capable of having editorial pieces published within 18 months by a newspaper or news organization.

SPJ allows writers and journalists to apply to the fellowship without a formal application.

Deadline: June 22, 2015 | Apply to Fellowship


Utah Original Writing Competition - Prize: $1,000 - No Entry Fee

The Utah Dept. of Heritage and Arts, funded by the State of Utah, is inviting Utah writers to enter its Utah Original Writing Competition. Launched in 1958, the Competition recognizes the talents of writers in seven categories with cash prizes and publicity. Each book category awards a first prize of $1,000 and a second prize of $500; and each non-book category awards a first prize of $300, and a second prize of $150.

Writers of any age can enter one or more of the following categories:

1. Novel: fiction only, with a min. length of 60K words.

2. Biography: can also include autobiography or history biography. 50K words minimum.

3. Story Collection: book-length compilation of stories. 50K words minimum.

4. Young Adult Book: non-fiction or fiction aimed at ages 12 and older. No minimum length. Y.A. story compilations also accepted.

5. Poetry: for adult readers. Submit a collection of poems not to exceed 1,000 lines.

6. Short Story: fiction narratives for an adult readership. 7,500 words maximum,

7. Narrative Non-fiction: non-fiction stories or personal essays for an adult readership. 7,500 words maximum.

Deadline: June 26, 2015 | Apply to writing competition


The Drue Heinz Literature Prize - $15,000 Prize - No Entry Fee

The Drue Heinz Literature Prize, sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh, honors and assists authors of short creative fiction and distributes the winning manuscript worldwide.

The Prize is available to creative writers who have either 1) published a novel-size compilation of fiction; or 2) who have had a minimum of three narratives or novellas published in well-known publications and literary journals of high standard. Nationally-recognized writers and authors evaluate the submissions anonymously.

The Prize awards $15,000 in cash and publishes the winning manuscript under the University of Pittsburgh Press imprint. You can submit a composition of short stories; one or more short novellas; or a blend of the two. You can only submit a novella if it is a piece of a larger body-of-work. All manuscripts must be written in English.

Deadline: June 30, 2015 | Apply to creative writing fellowship


George B. Dantzig Dissertation Award - $800 Prize - Free to Enter

Professional trade organization INFORMS sponsors the George B. Dantzig Dissertation Award to encourage better communication between the academic community and the business sector.

The chosen candidates will carry out extensive research essential to work in the field of operations research and management science. The judges will award a prize of $800 to a first-place winner and a $400 prize to a second-place winner. Other finalists will receive $100 prizes.

To enter, the writer or researcher needs to submit a doctoral argumentation written mostly by the candidate and effectively defended approximately 15 months before the entry deadline. Additionally, the dissertation should distinctly emphasize and confirm the importance of the work in usage and the plausible impact in commercial enterprise.

Deadline: June 30, 2015 | Apply to Award

Richard J Margolis Award
Richard J Margolis Award

Richard J Margolis Award - $5,000 Prize - No Entry Fee

Blue Mountain Center (Blue Mountain Lake, New York) invites promising writers to enter The Richard J. Margolis Award for a chance to win a prize of $5,000 and a 1-month residency at the colony. Judges want to see works that blend character, wit, knowledge and interest with social justice.

The Award, issued each year, was created to venerate Richard J. Margolis, a newsperson, author, and poet who wrote expressively about the sufferings of the rural poor, expatriate ranch laborers, the Native American elders.

To apply, you will need to submit 1-2 examples of work, up to 30 pages. Work can be unpublished or published. You will also need to include a summary of your present and expected work. Blue Mountain will announce the prize-winner in November.

Deadline: July 1, 2015 | Apply to award


2015 Alice Maxine Bowie Fellowship - No Entry Fee

Nonprofit literary organization Lighthouse Writers Workshop is sponsoring the Alice Maxine Bowie Fellowship which recognizes the talents of aspiring fiction writers and awards them with a full year of on-going literary and financial support.

In addition, the fellow(s) will receive:

  • Four 8-week workshops during the year;
  • Paid registration, housing, and board to attend the Grand Lake Retreat or the Lighthouse Lit Fest.
  • Ongoing community participation in presenting public readings of his or her literary work(s).

The fellowship is named in honor of Alice Maxine Bowie, who believes purposeful education originates from literature, and that the world profits from listening to and reading stories.

Entry guidelines:

1. Writer must be writing nonfiction. (The fellowship alternates genres each year. This year it's nonfiction).

2. Writer must devote a full year of involvement in workshops and seminars.

3. Writer must benefit from financial need.

Deadline: July 10, 2015 | Apply to Fellowship


Linda Flowers Literary Award - $500 Prize plus Stipend - NO Entry Fee

The Humanities Council of Greensboro, NC is soliciting submissions of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry for its annual Linda Flowers Literary Award. The winning writer or poet will receive a prize of $500, publication in the Council's literary magazine, and an additional payment to attend a residency at the Weymouth Center, Arts and Humanities department, in North Carolina.

Although you do not have to reside in NC to enter, your submission should reveal how aspects of the state, its citizens, and/or its culture have influenced the lives of North Carolinians.

Submit original material only, between 2,000 and 2,500 words.

Deadline: July 15, 2015 | Enter literary award


The New Writers Award - Prize: $6,500 (estimated)

The Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA) invites book publishers to nominate first-time authors with whom they had published for The New Writers Award. The three categories include poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. The winning authors from each genre will tour about 13 of GLCA's affiliated colleges to present readings, workshops, and lectures and to promote their books.

Each author will receive at least a $500 stipend, plus expenses for travel and housing, for each college that they visit.

The main rule for submissions is that it is of high literary standards and the author's first published work in the genre.

Deadline: July 25, 2015 | Enter book writing award


Platt Family Scholarship Prize Essay Contest - $1,500 Prize - NO Entry Fee

The Lincoln Forum invites college students in the U.S. to enter its annual Platt Family Scholarship Prize Essay Contest, which awards cash prizes for the best essays on the topic, "If Lincoln had lived...." First-place receives $1,500, second-place receives $750, and third-place receives $500.

The current topic corresponds to this year's celebration of the 150th anniversary of both the Battle of Gettysburg and Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. Essays should echo the importance and timeliness of these two historic events. Word length is between 1,500 and 5,000 words.

Deadline: July 31, 2015 | Enter essay contest


Allen and Nirelle Galson Prize for Fiction - $500 Prize - No Entry Fee

Literary arts journal Stone Canoe, published by University College of Syracuse University, is encouraging emerging fiction writers who reside in or are connected in some way to Upstate New York to enter their stories in this year's Allen and Nirelle Galson Prize for Fiction.

The judges seek fiction stories, up to 10K each, on any topic or theme, related the area. First prize is $500 and publication in the annual issue of Stone Canoe. Additionally, the writer will receive a miniature of the original alabaster stone canoe model crafted by well-known stone carver Tom Huff.

This prize is open to writers who have not had a book of fiction published by a commercial publisher or press. Submit original, unpublished material only.

Deadline: July 31, 2015 | Enter Fiction Prize


The Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize - $25,000 Prize - No Entry Fee

The Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize, sponsored by The Writer's Trust of Canada, will award a cash prize of $25,000 to a Canadian writer who has authored the best fiction novel or assortment of short stories. Runners-up will receive $2,500 each. To be eligible, a professional Canadian publisher must have released according to the deadlines below. You can still enter if your novel was published outside of Canada, but you must reside in Canada as a citizen or resident. Self-published titles are not eligible.

First Deadline: March 26, 2015.
Books published between 10/01/2014-03/25/2015

Second Deadline: May 28, 2015
Books published between 03/26/2015 and 05/27/2015.

Third and Final Deadline: July 29, 2015
Books published between 05/27/2014 and 09/30/2015

[ Enter fiction trust prize ]


Young Lions Fiction Award - $10,000 Prize - No Entry Fee

The Young Lions Fiction Award, sponsored by the New York Public Library, awards a $10,000 cash prize each year to a promising writer, age 35 or younger, for a book or a selection of short stories.

This Award recognizes the work of young authors and honors their achievements publicly, creating a positive change in their lives as they forge ahead to develop their vocations.

This Award belongs to the Library's Young Lions Program, a member's program for young adults, aged 20-30, who desire to celebrate the talents of young writers and artists who influence New York City's cultural life.

To be eligible, you must have been no older than 35 years of age when your book or novel was published. The book or novel that you are submitting must have been written for adults. Your manuscript can be a novel or a collection of short stories. Your publisher must enter the contest on your behalf.

Deadline: August 31, 2015 | Apply to Fiction Award

sponsored by Princeton University
sponsored by Princeton University | Source

The Hodder Fellowship - $68,000 Stipend - NO Entry Fee

The Hodder Fellowship sponsored by Princeton University is awarded to writers and poets who demonstrate outstanding aptitude to tackle individual undertakings at Princeton University during the academic year. The Fellowship awards a stipend of $68,000 to the winning fellow. Fellows consist of poets, writers (fiction/non-fiction), book authors, playwrights, and screenplay writers who have proven amazing potential among their peers.

The Hodder Fellowship is bestowed to a creative writer amid that central stage in their life when they have displayed unprecedented talent, but have not yet obtained universal acknowledgment . The Fellowship is devised to offer Fellows with the resources (a stipend and residency) to undertake their idea or "work in progress" and advance it to the next stage. Princeton University embodies the creative and performing arts as a fundamental component of its academic vision.

Deadline is September 14, 2015. Apply to writing fellowship

Kenyon Review Fellowships - $33,150 Stipend

The Kenyon Review Fellowships sponsored by Kenyon College aims to acknowledge, publish, and assist remarkable authors in the beginning phases of their professions.

This 2-year post-masteral residential fellowship at Kenyon College provides skilled writers enough time to cultivate their skills and talents. Kenyon College gives recipients a $33,150 stipend, along with health benefits.

Recipients are required to embark on a substantial writing project and go to frequent individual gatherings with faculty advisors.

For eligibility, candidates must possess an MFA or PhD in creative writing, English writing, or any relative writing. Teaching experience is a plus.

Deadline: September 15, 2015 | Apply to fellowship


Award for Excellence in Journalism - $1,000 Prize - No Entry Fee

As part of its Award for Excellence in Journalism, The American Psychoanalytic Association is offering a $1,000 cash prize to a writer or journalist who has demonstrated expert reporting and writing on broad psychoanalytic topics that has contributed to helping the public better understand psychoanalytic and psychological precepts and methods.

For consideration, you can submit relevant work, written in English at a public reading-level, published between 07/01/14 and 06/30/15.

Deadline: September 18, 2015 | Apply to Award

The Le Guin Feminist Science Fiction Fellowship
The Le Guin Feminist Science Fiction Fellowship

Le Guin Feminist Science Fiction Fellowship - $3,000 Stipend - No Entry Fee

The Center for the Study of Women in Society at the University of Oregon is inviting sci-fi writers to enter this year's Le Guin Feminist Science Fiction Fellowship for a chance to receive up to $3,000 to conduct special research on feminist sci-fi works and authors at the Knight Library.

This Fellowship is available to undergraduates, master's and pre/post- doctoral students, individual educators, and college faculty. The chosen writer must complete his or her research at the University of Oregon within one year.

Deadline: October 1, 2015 | Apply to fellowship


The Piedmont Laureate for Authors - $5,500 Prize - No Entry Fee

The Piedmont Laureate program will award a cash prize of $5,500 to a talented author of short fiction who resides in the Piedmont region (Alamance, Durham, Orange, or Wake counties).

The City of Raleigh Arts Commission will designate the winning author as Laureate for one year and expect him or her to give public readings, deliver workshops to educate learners about creative writing, and provide public events and activities to amplify the recognition of literary culture.

Applicants will need to submit a short story sample from 1500-3500 words.

Deadline: September 30, 2015 | Apply to Piedmont Laureate for Authors

The Gulliver Travel Research Grant
The Gulliver Travel Research Grant

The Gulliver Travel Research Grant - $800 Grant - No Entry Fee

The Speculative Literature Foundation (SLF) is offering a $800 travel grant to support an emerging writer of speculative fiction with his or her research for a current or in-progress writing project. The cash prize is intended to help pay for airfare costs, housing, accommodations, and other expenses.

To apply to The Gulliver Travel Research Grant, you will need to submit a 1-page summary of your writing project, including where you plan to travel and the approximate deadline of your project. You will also need to submit your best writing sample, which can include poetry, drama, or fiction/creative non-fiction. Both published and unpublished writers are encouraged to apply.

At the end of the grant period, SLF will require the recipient to provide a concise report of his or her research experience for publication at the organization's website and possible distribution to the public.

Deadline: September 30, 2015 | Apply to travel grant


The Iowa Short Fiction Award - Publishing Contract - No Entry Fee

The University of Iowa Press is inviting writers to submit their manuscripts of fiction to The Iowa Short Fiction Award for a chance to win a publishing contract with Iowa Press. Submissions must be a volume of collected short stories, written in English, of 150 pages long (double-spaced lines). Open to all themes. Stories must be original and unpublished.

Deadline: September 30, 2015 | Enter fiction award contest

The American Antiquarian Society Fellowship
The American Antiquarian Society Fellowship

The American Antiquarian Society Fellowship - $1,850 Stipend - No Entry Fee

The American Antiquarian Society (Worcester, MA) will award a 4-week fellowship to a creative writer or journalist who needs financial aid and uninterrupted time to work on a project which requires extensive research of pre-20th century American history and culture.

The fellowship will provide the recipient with a stipend of $1,350-$1,850, residency on or off campus, library resources, and collaboration with academic scholars.

The Society intends to award three fellowships between January and December.

Deadline: October 5, 2015 | Read Fellowship Entry Guidelines


Thornton Writer Residency - $12,000 Stipend - NO Entry Fee

The Thornton Writer Residency Award is an all-expenses paid 14-week residency at Lynchburg College, a private, on-campus liberal arts institution with 3,000 or so undergrad and graduate students. The Award is offered each year to a writer of fiction, non-fiction, or poetry, and carries a stipend of up to $12,000, in addition to covering expenses for housing, travel and some meals. The residency lasts a full academic semester.

The winning recipient is required to teach a weekly creative writing program, visit student classes, and give a public lecture. To enter, you need to send in a copy of a formerly released book, a resume, a cover letter summarizing a professional teaching background, a sample outline for the workshop course that you will teach to graduate and undergraduate students, and three verifiable references.

Closed for the 2014-2015 year | Apply to creative writing fellowship


James Hurst Fiction Prize - $500 and $250 Prizes - No Entry Fee

The Dept. of English at North Carolina State University is accepting entries for its James Hurst Fiction Prize in two categories:

Short Fiction: submit a short fiction story, under 5K words. First place is a $500 cash prize.

Short-Short Fiction (sometimes known as micro fiction): submit a fiction story under 1200 words. First place is a $250 cash prize.

Both categories are open to all fiction genres and styles. Writers can enter both categories. This Prize is open only to N.C. writers who've never had a book published.

Deadline: October 12, 2015 | Enter Fiction Prize

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