Freedom's Siren Call

The Freedom of a Bird is Promordial

Flight is a paradigm of freedom.
Flight is a paradigm of freedom.

The Lure of Freedom

In days of freedom that have gone bye,

Knees were bent to prostrate to a lie.

Basic rights to living were then denied

And all that was descent was defied.

Looks of contempt came from the snide,

As many folk were forced to step aside.

All manner of ill and disrespect were tried

As sins abounding drove decency to hide.

New paradigms reach forth to the sky.

New ways to trick and pretend to be high

But always ending in a toboggan slide

From heaven’s high to hell bye and bye.

Do not stand there idle and just sigh.

Do not just stand there immobile and cry.

No! No! Do not let the dream die!

Take up mind and arm and fight to nigh.

Retake stripped off freedom as your guide!

Shed light on darkness and go out to ride!

Learn to understand, take the correct side.

Return to your nature, put falseness aside.

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Robwrite 6 years ago from Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY

Very nice. Well done.

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