Fleeted Eternity I

Raindrops move down the story, life is stale
Watching through our weepy rose colored glasses
Rampant fears, of what lies beforehand;

Here again wondering, tumbling in thoughts
Wishes are here with me, in me and after me
Lost control of our lives, asking questions
Current black circumstances, stole our future
Such a time when worlds merged, so outdated
In a one sided recognition a unison defiled
Souls suddenly were sold to the devil,

Hearts slowly strayed by perceived greed
Pieces of the pie were enough but fought for the knife
Filleting each other, cupid no longer our muse
Silently the ruby red drops seep slowly away
Sinking yet won’t let us drown completely;

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fred allen profile image

fred allen 6 years ago from Myrtle Beach SC

There is hope.

A great light appears and shines in the darkness

Behold a rescuer has come

A strong and mighty warrior come to vanquish the sorrow

rejoice O my soul

life has just begun

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