Flower Child

A Rose cheek smile

With Tulips a kiss

Lavender perfume

Dazzling Daisy eyes

I sashay into the room in full bloom ,tears fall like petals as I survey the room.

The family mourns, my partner looks forlorn.

You say don't cry for me, but its a lie they will cry.

You asked for a celebration, but now a revelation its too hard not to cry

with loss and hurt inside.

You say see you on the other side and fly.

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Dalila 18 months ago

Wow this was just an interesting interpreration.

Jonas Rodrigo profile image

Jonas Rodrigo 18 months ago

Good poem. Nice title.

RJ Schwartz profile image

RJ Schwartz 18 months ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

It brings like to an otherwise gloomy moment

dcw 17 months ago

Love it.

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