Flowers - Haiku

Warm breezes blowing

Sun shining on the soil

Petals are glowing

Seeds multiplying

New generations are born

Offspring bring delight

Colors are a bloom

Aromas are bountiful

Touches are gentle

Do you haiku?

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© 2012 Esmah

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My Minds Eye53 profile image

My Minds Eye53 4 years ago from Tennessee

I like this very much! I didn't know Haiku's could be more than one verse, never even thought about it.

Voted up!

poet83 profile image

poet83 4 years ago from Windsor, Va.

Absolutely beautiful! These haikus have very nice sonic qualities and touch the essence of nature! Voted up!

win-winresources 4 years ago from Colorado

For MyMindsEye-

When haiku are linked together on a common topic it is often called gunsaku or rensaku. In the former the verses can stand alone.

In both the verses can be written collaboratively by several authors, or by a single author.


My Minds Eye53 profile image

My Minds Eye53 4 years ago from Tennessee

Thank you very much for the explanation. Someone had mentioned gunsaku to me before, now I have a visual to go by.


Poetic Fool 4 years ago

More lovely haiku, esmah! You do have the knack. These are wonderful and delightful to read.

dghbrh profile image

dghbrh 4 years ago from ...... a place beyond now and beyond here !!!

I really enjoyed this one.....voted up and all:-)

ignugent17 profile image

ignugent17 4 years ago

It is nice to read . :-)

sfrentz06 profile image

sfrentz06 3 years ago from Sterling Heights, MI, USA

Voted up!

Adamari 3 years ago

i love flower

urwah 2 years ago

this haiku is nice and i love flowers.

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