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Mark Air flight on the ground at the King Salmon Airport in the 90's.
Mark Air flight on the ground at the King Salmon Airport in the 90's. | Source

Airline Commercials~

Service with a friendly flair,

Found only one place in the sky,

No one else seems to have it,

Its only found at Mark Air…

They’re never late except due to weather,

Or to accommodate the public,

To make sure you get on,

Right up to the point no seats are left over…

Their rates are low, number of flights are high,

The pilots are skilled and the flight attendants really care,

There’s absolutely no reason for you not to fly,

With Alaska’s Mark Air, queen of the sky…

Oscar Jones

August 20, 1994

Dedicated to: ( Flight 15, Anc/Fai, Stephanie and Captain Chris Paul)

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