Flying High & Coming Down

What Lifts You Up Will Bring You Down..

Never say never try to find your heaven again

You think you're so clever patching wounds that will never mend

Oh such a pretty mask

But we know it can never last

We know, it's no surprise

Just another robot with blackened polka dot eyes

First timers making a mess

Virgins always have it the best

Chasing that original kick

Now it only makes you sick

Where did all the fun go

How did I ever get so low

So far down, can't see the way

So dark, each dawn brings ever darker days

Hope's memory fades covered in scars

Old souls cannot rewrite the past

Hedonistic wants wrote every plan

Pleasure's sought with every hand

Regret's a gift you can't afford

You've lost all you once adored

Time is up, you're going home

A fitting end, broke and alone.


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