For Boys Who Fear Shadows.


For boys who fear shadows...and flaunt suicide.    


          Just remember.....


Angels also

shadow you,
their wings safeguard
your fearless tread
to places that

could harm,.

There is higher

purpose in this world,
and lovely girls to charm,.

You're young

and full of vigor,
do not let depression mar,
it will bring you mortis rigor,
you can be a shining star.

Turn your

back on grim 
don't chase death's whim,
and you might

just go far.....

I have stood

on the

precipice of death
and there is

nothing beyond
when it is


but massive sorrow,

I have


over the

brink of life
and found

much pleasure.

Jig lively

my friend,
lest the end

in that word friend 

be yours forevermore.



©~~~~MFB III

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