For The Horde. Part 3. World of Warcraft Fan-fiction

Orgrimmar, home to Warchief Thrall.
Orgrimmar, home to Warchief Thrall.


The Kor’kron Guard, vigilant though they are where the Warchief’s sanctum is concerned, were no match for the assassin’s stealth. Neither is the dwarf’s leathery flesh a match for the assassin’s dagger.

            It sinks into the unprotected spot over the kidney, as smooth as oil on water, while the thin throwing blade in the other hand drags sideways, cutting off nascent cries for aid. The body stiffens as he screws the dagger deeper with a practiced, grinding twist.

            A violet flash. A lingering squeal, as though carried by a distant wind. And the assassin grits his teeth, hanging on against the bucking of a mountain ram.

The spasms send convulsive shivers through the assassin, slowing with the laboring beat of the dwarf’s heart until both are still. He silently guides the body to the floor of the guest’s chamber, where surprisingly little blood begins to seep into the tiger skin rug.

            The finest pupil of Hell’s Scream is too well-disciplined for victory cries. No stomping of padded feet or upraised weapons. He just cleans his blades on the corpse’s woolen shirt, pondering that, in life, it was known as Tomli Magellas, and, in death, it would be known as the Alliance traitor who sought to enter into a pact with the hated Horde scum. That was what the masters had said: the Triumvirate.

            As if by merely thinking of that hallowed trio, a presence fills the room, one the assassin knows all too well: simmering malice and barely restrained rage. It sets the assassin’s side-whiskers on end with excitement.

            He turns, eager for acknowledgment of a job well done…

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Joy At Home profile image

Joy At Home 6 years ago from United States

Well, you seem to be coming more into your element with this installment. At any rate, your descriptions are freer. Good job.

Jarn profile image

Jarn 6 years ago from Sebastian, Fl Author

Might've switched to 3rd person limited without realizing it. That or I found a balance between character and narrator. Not sure. That always confused the heck out of me. There are books I can't read because it seems like the writer is mixing the character's POV and narrator's POV, so I can't tell who's making what statement. It's kind of like trying to picture it as a film. Would the camera be placed over one character's shoulder, or from a bird's eye view? If I can't figure out which, I can't picture what's going on in the book. Stephen Hunter is notorious for it, despite being one of the best action-thriller writers out there.

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