For the self

The help within,

It is good to say
It is good to think,
It is good to do,
But remember writing too

A thought is for the moment
The next, is for the next,
But after the rest,
Is not present

A word, what we say
It has a meaning
It lives its day
But it also has its evening

Do, present it self
It is seen
But is stealth
After has been

But, when scratched down
And kept close
We don't lose
But have it around

We may share over
The time and here
We have closer
And its kept there


May the morning be the best
The rest of the day to follow
To be in your nest
The same and raw

May you have good time
Cause this is always present
We can even see this gold mine
If we look clear in the moment

May you have for you and close ones health
And spread and support for this
As this is the most of the most wealth
And we can build it. It's a bliss

May you give the time a rest
To walk slowly, just to bee
This is like a little test
And the good in this you'll see

We may have the better
Even if not raised
Just have to consider
That we make the best

The model

let's be like Sparrow Jack
Let's make for fear a crack
Smile while doing that
Cause this is the heart's snack

You should play by this every day
And only for relax and deep brath to stay
To enjoy enjoy enjoy
Cause otherwise, yourself you will destroy


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