Forbidden Eyes

By Phoenixx Vann Der Snatsch

Can you not reclaim

What you have seen this night?

With your forbidden eyes of lust

You carry me out without a cause of just.

Your forbidden eyes have turned away

Until the end of another lost day.

Can you not believe

The reminiscences of my days?

With your forbidden eyes of hate

You stand upon me like my own fate.

Again and again I seem to find

I've lost my mind! I've lost my mind!

Can you not remember

All the ways I've shown you?

With your forbidden eyes of a lost soul.

You turn around just to watch me go.

Until the end of the golden age

When people tend to release their rage.

Can you not redeem your trust

I have ever given you?

With your forbidden eyes of regret

I teach you now like I taught you then.

I cannot ever seem to find

What is really, truly mine.

Can you not attend to me

And see that I'm not really okay?

With your forbidden eyes to take

Watch for me until your end of days.

Until death do we part,

What a beautiful art!

Can you not release

The memories we share?

While your forbidden eyes watch me leave

I will glance back once more, so you know me.

Memories forgotten, but always known

To be true, in this life's zone.

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lindsy lohan222 profile image

lindsy lohan222 5 years ago from no where

you look so cool phoenixx i just love your hair is it real pics of you or did you just get it off of the internet? ;)

Phoenixx profile image

Phoenixx 5 years ago from Roseburg, OR Author

Yes, that is really me. :D Thank you very much.

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