Fore And Aft.


Fore and Aft.


We begin our lives

 moored in the
amniotic fluids of life,
floating in a perfect void.

We disembark from

our berths there
down a narrow canal

as the water breaks,
till our anchor rope

is cut and we find
safe harbor in the

shelter of the love,
between an island of two.

Placed in cribs,

just tiny crafts of creation,
we are lovingly cared

for and made fit for
much larger journeys,

over many years.

We are encouraged

to explore many
streams of consciousness.
We master the brainwaves

that guide us to
bold new adventures.

We share our voyages

with those we love,
in a flotilla of friendships.

We find calmer waters

with our first mates
clinging together

in holds much like
the ones that created us.

We sail boldly or

timid through the endless
often frightening current

events that engulf our lives.

Crossing oceans of tears,

and bubbling rivers of joy,
till at long last we are

castaways by society.

Once again weak and frail,

we are far too soon
cast on the shores

of heaven's banks
or lost in the depths

of oblivion.



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tnderhrt23 profile image

tnderhrt23 7 years ago

Very true, I love the metaphor!

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