You beg me to the forest

The land of unknown trees

You tell me tales of wonder, of beauty beyond my means.

You grab my hand and push me into the forest of hanging leaves

The flowers look so beautiful, perfectly placed on the outside of trees.

We walk deeper into the forest, it grows darker yet I stay.

I walk behind you, I follow you, I have lost all other ways.

You lead me to a clearing I can’t see the forest or home.

It’s there you leave my by myself

Absolutely alone.

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Cammiebar profile image

Cammiebar 4 years ago from Upstate New York


The metaphors and illusions to life are so real in this. Like many people, I know that feeling exactly. Thanks for posting this.

Sarah Writes profile image

Sarah Writes 4 years ago from California Author

Thank you for reading! I'm sure many people can identify with the feeling of being alone, buts its always cool when someone connects with your work,so once again thank you :)

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