Forgiveness And Redemption

Gods Light

God's light shines upon me, even though darkness surrounds me.

I continue to pray and will not be afraid for I know God will deliver me!

You've frowned on my unacceptable behavior,

So I've repented and called upon the Lord my Savior.

With the Lord as my witness,

I'm certain to have my Father's forgiveness.

I was lost, I had been deceived,

But the word of God I have received.

It feels like time is standing still,

Patiently I wait for God to do his will.

Whatever it is I will not turn away,

Forgive me Lord, for I had been led astray! ©2008

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C-Bless profile image

C-Bless 5 years ago from Canada

What a beautiful way to explain forgiveness and redemption. It was a great read. Thank you for sharing...

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