Four tidbits to stimulate thoughts.

Rhythm And Blues.



go on,

rain forever,

beat madly

on my rooftop,
drown my sorrow

with staccato taps,

much like her

high heels



The Birth Of Love's Wings.


in your arms,
the silk
of your kiss
gives me
as your
inches up
my inner



What The Die In Diet Means

©-MFB III Her hourglass figure
became her downfall,
waist wasted away
toothpick arms
and legs mocked
appetizers never touched.
Ribs a cage exposed
pardoning her fading soul.
She became the bones
she allowed her
flesh to reach.



Pondering Amongst The Ruin.


When we shed
all the joys
our lives have known,
we're left
with a ramshackle
skeleton of what
never was.

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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

I'm a has been that never was though!

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