Free My Imprisoned Verse.


 Free Verse!!



Free the verse

imprisoned in my mind,
spare it from tedious

long sentences.

Make my isolation short,

without rhyme or reason.

Liberate my soul

from mental blocks,
the rubic's cubicle,
life's twists of fate

have left me.

The keys are

right in front of me,
in long black rows,
like bad teeth grinning,

But qwert and yuiop

are meaningless
when the mind can't

put them together,
in a free form,
dancing across the page,

My muse is

on death row,

always appealing,
but it is my

current execution
of poetry that

condemns it.

My pencil has

a massive leadache,
I'm stuck inside a pen,
the best of me is held captive
within many locked brain cells,
and longs to be free.....

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Randy Behavior profile image

Randy Behavior 7 years ago from Near the Ocean

:) Do you type on manual typewriter? That's the image I got from the black teeth. You probably use a black laptop, but I did see a poet at a festival typing on manual. Kinda cool.

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