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My daughter, Coralee, with the real (though stuffed) Misty of Chincoteague  and Stormy.
My daughter, Coralee, with the real (though stuffed) Misty of Chincoteague and Stormy.

More Free Online Books - Great for Homeschool

ell, I’m realizing that some of the best historical fiction, literature and historical writings are ones published before 1960. Many are not published any more. Fortunately, more and more are being put online and we can access them for free. There are even free audiobooks online—a few of which are read by actual human beings! Here are more websites with free online books that I’ve found. Take the time to look through these sites. There's a wealth of resources absolutely free which are great for homeschool and classroom teachers as well as parents. List of the best free digital libraries and free book sites. This site indexes many free online books from various sites. Many topics including Science, Nature, History, LIterature, Religiion, Medicine, Social Studies, Geography, Music, Law and more. (Mostly technical books.) Free e-books searchable only by title of book. Not my favorite site, but you might find a book there that you can't somewhere else, so I added it to the list. Really nice free online book source. Offers Fiction, Non-fiction, Essays, Plays, Poetry and Short Stories. This site is one of the most organized sites I've seen with easy to read print and clickable chapters. This site is interesting. Offers many free online or downloadable e-books. You can download the book into a zip file to view in Word Document or you can view it in what they call a web-book. That is, you read it online. The neat thing is, when you read it online you can make notes in an online margin. I always believed in writing in the margin of my books, and here you can still do it even if you're reading it on the computer. You can register for free to save your web-books and notes online. Is that cool or what? (I'm not sure why this link always ads "default" into the address, taking you to the wrong page. You may want to copy and paste the link.) Free e-books in PDF format. Has many of the great classics. Offers free book downloads in various formats including doc, Palm Reader, iSilo3, MobiPocket, TomeRaider and others. Many genres including children's books, westerns, classics, Romance, Sci-Fi, Humor, Romance, Mystery, Poetry and about any genre you can think of. Great resource for teachers! This is the Berkeley Digital Library. Offers several online classics. These are FREE ebooks which you can download to view in your Microsoft Reader. (This is a free download from Microsoft.) Okay. This site is selling it's info, but it has some freebies as well. Offers free book notes to many classics. These are free searchable e-books including some classics, legistlative and political books.

Specifically Children’s Books: Children’s Books Children’s Books Children’s Books Has some literature read aloud, including Shakespeare Interviews with modern authors audio Shakespeare in audio!'s/Online_Books/ Children’s Books Children’s Books


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Very Good and interesting.

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