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This article gives several free samples of job transfer letters, a cover letter, an apology letter, and some sick-leave letters. Feel free to copy, edit and use any of these letters.


Apology Letter

An informal apology letter. The sender apologises after confessing his/her offence.

Dear [name]

I admit that what I did [yesterday/last night/last year/last week] has hurt you a lot emotionally. And I am sorry for it.

I also admit that saying sorry is meaningless until the offender really means it and pledges not to commit the offence again. I promise, by means of this letter, that I will not do [such and such thing] again.

I know I shouldn't ask for forgiveness from you, due to the gravity of the offence, but I know how big your heart really is. Please forgive me.



Informal Job Transfer Letter

This informal letter can be used by anyone who has been working in a firm for several years and knows his/her boss very well.

Dear [name]

It has been [write number of years] since I began working in this department. Over these years, I have developed the skills necessary for this job. I have served this company with all my hard work and honesty.

Now I think it's time to move on: to acquire new skills and increase my productivity by moving to a new department. Acquiring new skills will be beneficial for both the company and myself. So I request that you transfer me to [name of department]

Please consider this request in your next meeting with the HR officials. I will follow up soon.



Formal Job Transfer Letter

This is a formal letter asking for a transfer to another department.

[Sender's name and address]


[receiver's name and address]


I, [name], [designation] of your department, request you to transfer me to [name] department.

This is my [e.g. fourth] year in this department. During these years I have served this company with all my energy to the best of my capabilities. I consider [number of years] sufficient to learn what I have learnt in this department. I now want to learn [name skill]. A dynamic employee is an asset for any company. I want to be one.

Please consider my request in the meeting of [related officials].

Sincerely yours

[sender's name and signature]

Letter Requesting Permission for Leave

A student is asking for leave from his/her teacher because he/she will undergo a minor operation.

[Sender's name and address]


[receiver's name and address]


I, [name] of your [ID] class, request you to grant me [three] days leave, from [date 1] to [date 2].

I have to undergo a minor operation on [date 1] and the doctor has advised me to take rest for at least two days afterwards. I am attaching a copy of the appointment letter.

Please consider my request at your earliest convenience.

Sincerely yours

[sender's name and signature]

Letter Notifying Teacher of Absence

A student informs his/her teacher that he/she will not be able to attend classes because of a roadside accident.

[Sender's name and address]


[receiver's name and address]


This is to inform you that I, [name], of your [ID] class, will not be able to attend classes for the next three weeks on account of medical reasons.

I had an accident yesterday in which my leg was fractured. Fortunately, the fracture is not severe and according to the doctor I should recover in about three weeks.


[sender's name and signature]

Cover Letter Applying for Staff Nurse Position

You can use this letter to:

  • Get yourself a job as a staff nurse
  • Increase your chances of getting the job (drastically)
  • Make clear that you are the worthiest choice
  • Inform employers that you are available for their recently opened department
  • Tell your prospective employers that you will provide tender loving care to patients.

[Sender's name and address]


[receiver's name and address]

Dear [sir/madam/name]

The Daily [newspaper's name] of [date] mentions the [expansion/inauguration of] [the new department] at your prestigious hospital. This means you are in need of extra workforce. Please consider me for the position of staff nurse at your new facility.

I graduated from [college] with flying colors. Rigorous training, coupled with job experience of [years] at [name of hospital], has enabled me to handle all the tasks a nurse is expected to take charge of. Tender loving care is what patients need and that is what I know how to give to patients. I have done it before. The truth of this statement is shown in my experience certificate(s).

Please feel free to contact me at [phone number]. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely yours

[sender's name and signature]

Please answer this!

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Hi. I need format of transfer letter from company to employees due to the current economic recession.

Pls help.

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this is a great help... friends,gud day. I need a sample of job transfer letter due to my daughters health condition... hope you can help me, thank you.

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please write an official letter to the boss requsting for some goods(like pc, giveaways for staff members). I hope you can help me out.

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A simple and direct tranfer letter. I was scracting my head for finding something like this on the Web.Great help Thanxs a ton


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this very usefull but which i searching letter not there pls help me regarting for my employee we given travel advance but his not settled that how we writte letter pls help

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i need a sample of letter for asking permission for an interview...thanx, this will really help me a lot... godbless.

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tnx 4 te letter because i don't know how to create a pology letter 4 my teacher,tnx a lot

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hi,can you give me a sample of letter of a student who wants to transfer to another university.please help me.thank you and god bless....

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i need one accident report.The truck felldown from the ramp from a site.No accident happened.

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good information on writing letters

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This sevice is very useful to begenners

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please write an official letter to the boss requsting for a laptop). I hope you can help me out.

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This page have no application for my work

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Please help me how to write a letter of transfer of account of motorcycle to another person?

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i want a sample letter requesting for transfer with regards of my assignment..I want to transfer in a nearer school which is not hazardous to my health.Please help me to have a copy on it.

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very good for healping the pople

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this page is very helpful for it gives me lots of ideas on how to compose a letter of transfer which my fiancée told me to do... keep it up guys/// God bless you

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this letters help me a I got transfer I was looking for because of this letters.keep it up a good work.thanks

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these are such lovely references for me.

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Dear sir/mam

I'm working TNEB as Technical asst, i'm doing BE(EEE) partime in VMKV engg collge, i am not able to II semester Exam due to can't permit my office and now they are providing the approval so need requesting letter for college to permission written exam.

Cel Periales (Philippines) 6 years ago

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Cel Periales (Philippines) 6 years ago

A big help... Thank you....

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I am working in a 24 hr shift and want to rotate to a different section within my department. I am suffering from arthritis in the knees and working the shift is impacting on my health. Do not want to say the shift is the problem. Please help.

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it is very helpful.

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I urgently need a letter to say that the doctor practice where we are working at is relocating to another premises.

Please Help.

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Hiya letters herein above are quite good, I would like to get more samples on the request for permission in respect of training workshop....

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Please write regards for your boss who are transferred to another country

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hi.. how to write a letter to our manager please guys help me.. i need a formate for good latter

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I m employee of pharmaceutical company i give the gift for somebooks and etc,

so plz i want letter for the manager in complete formate

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Please check out my first website. Find great free samples. Let me know what you think of it. I put a lot of work into it....


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pls help me to write a letter because am absent in school

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i need sample letter for introducing my company to new customer. pls send me professional formate.



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I need letter Iknow other person,

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i want to write a letter to ksca regarding free passes for the india-england match .so i kindly request you to please give me some best pattern with sample of written letter

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Simple layout but very practical. Thanks!

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how to write a latter to a relative ? please show me a sample

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experience certificate for school

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I want a sample of how to write an apology letter after missing an appointment as i read the letter late

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thank u very very much for this sample really really help me because it saves in order to be not failed in my grade,,,thank u!!!!muuaaaHHH...

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I need a letter to give to a college candidate who has come to our company to complete his work project for one weeks time.

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i want a sample letter about my daugher for the teacher to read at the class

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can we help me with a sample letter for requesting a practical training from another institution

Fiona 5 years ago

please make a letter requesting the HR and the nurse supervisor to allow me to stop my hospital training while my contract my another work has not ended

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Please help me to a good news letter to my employee whom i have just given a job.

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can help come out with no pay leave application for staff nurse

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I am started business to inform te post office request letter for delivary of my address

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i need urgent letter on a letter to share experience of university

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Your sample are very useful to everyone who need to write letter... thank you

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I need a letter to send to the school board requesting my child be allowed to transfer to another school district due to unfair treatment in his current school, which is causing his grades to fall and bad enviroment for him to be subjected to. Can you help?

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Your sample are really useful and helpful for bigner and save time.. thanks a lot

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i want an application given to the principal to conduct my exam because i was absent .

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Thank you

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Sweety 5 years ago

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nao i have sent mah ol teachez forgiveness letter

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Please suggest a letter format!!

Situation: due to health issues I (Teacher) needs to get transfer to the govt school nearby to house.

ITS urgent.. Please suggest

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Really helpful and useful for all.


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i want to write letter to sub contractor to attend site meeting on tomorrow

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i want a medical leave letter for ministry of housing i was on medical ground sent back and took 3 month leave i have all documentation done please reply soon

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I need how to write a Requisition Letter to The Rajastan University for asking the Final Year Diploma Certificate.

Iftirasik 5 years ago

it was very use full for i ask for more better letters

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i need a letter reqesting leave letter for 5 day to the prinicple as a student

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this site is glorious. pls i need a sample letter to be absence from the office for 8 Fridays and Saturdays. reason been that i enroll for a certificate program.

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iwant a sample letter for taking loan from my pf account.

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Good should add more number of sample letters in this site...very helpful site

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want a sample of application letters for the posts of voice supporter,sales manager,trainer for soft skills,receptionist

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want a sample of application letters for the posts of voice supporter,sales manager,trainer for soft skills,receptionist to prince.joseph @

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please help me to write letter to my boss for mobile line

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Hello gud day! can you help me how to write apology letter to my boss for letting other people time in in my behalf.

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Thanks for the help and letter

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thanx , , i appreciate it . .it really helps . .

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i need a sample of absent from school

Charles Roberts 5 years ago

My church inadvertly booked two visiting churches for the same program. We regretfully had to turn one church away. I need a letter apologizing for the mix up with no hard feeling and the possibility of rescheduling a new date in the future. Thank you. Chuck.

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plz suggest me how to write aletter to boss for more promotional input fopr marketing

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that a great contributions on different letters.

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i need transfer of real property letter to my family member ..


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Plis Suggest me how to write a transfer letter from a Police Department to another Police Department.


mahdi sadegh pour 5 years ago


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i just want an effective transfer letter for mothers sickness thanks

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Very smart !

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Pls suggest me to write an application to my boss to adjust my advance income tax paid against car with tax deductible at source from my salary.

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Great transfer letter.

Ajy 5 years ago

I want sample letter of permission for my employer to attend weekend lecture.

veer 5 years ago

i need a leave letter for my son for absent last 2 days he studing 4th class. pls sent leave letter

JAIN 5 years ago


Aali Raza 5 years ago

please help me regarding medical leave application Sir i have Low blood perasur problem last week i pace tomuch problem right now need sick leave but i don't have idia and i don't have metter this application. please help me send me this application metter. i want to leave sunday to wednesday.


Aali Raza. (my E-mail add)



kashish 4 years ago

it helped me in my exam

Adim joseph 4 years ago

I want a job as a teacher,narate me how to write the teaching application latter.

mubashir 4 years ago

hi, this site is really good. my youngest bro had a roadside accident and i am the only one whose looking after him and had taken a lot of off's from skool where i teach. i want to submit an application, kindly help me in this.

Rishikesh 4 years ago

Thank you

FlytoClick 4 years ago

Its REALLY helpful for those who want communicate very precisely on the subject matter.

Great Collection. Thank you!

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Very useful letters


shehze 4 years ago

Very useful letters


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Realy very useful...

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plsss... help me...


hans 4 years ago

hi,i am actually moving to another office in the same company where i work for another position and my colleagues are not aware of that. i want inform them and say thank to them for all the supports and help that they have given me for the past two years..

this is site very usefull.. please help me in writing a nice mail to all my colleagues in my office. thanks

Gurudev 4 years ago


Zainul fowmi. 4 years ago

Eventhough I am good writer, I really don't know why I am not in a position to write a letter for myself on my own for requesting a Loan from my boss of my current employment.

Please guide me how to write to a letter requesting a personal loan.

Zainul Fowmi.

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thank yah now i have an idea how to make a transfer letter

Krishna kumar jirel 4 years ago

Verry usefull thanks

jessica 4 years ago

Hi! Can you give me a sample request letter for teaching certificate,

krishna 4 years ago

I NEED LETTER for amount tranfer for old chit to new chit

Rosemary 4 years ago

I need a leter on hw to take permission from my boss /supervisor to be absent from work for two days 4 years ago

please give me an idea....i wz absent on my term xam...hd of departmt..plz send me a subj..

singye 4 years ago

hi i want a semple transfer letter to employee since the other plant is nere to my home

chidinma 4 years ago

it is but i need a sample of letter i want to write to my boss concernin what we re lacking in d office

Sohail Rana 4 years ago

I need a leter on hw to permission from presentation in school from publication

4 years ago

please give me some idea, regarding to take permission to boss for attending lecture in University so, take permission to leave half day on every saturday.

varusaijamali 4 years ago

This is to inform you that your kind attention ...(.is it correct)

unknown 4 years ago

short leave application from office

vinayak 4 years ago

i want sample letter of works manager in dealer/service company with resume

jseyed 4 years ago

good nice..simple.......

imane 4 years ago

wtf??? O_______o i have just 13 olds year

manvi 4 years ago

I need a letter of regret to the manager of a mall

praveen 4 years ago

hi sir can u plz send me tha daily report presentation letter

FAISAL 4 years ago


shanker 4 years ago

i want to comp off leave letter to five star hotel security manager

SILAMBU SELVAN 4 years ago

Hi sir i want to go india for i new job... i think car working my company. pls help me 4 years ago

this site is really good. i am working in medical institution since 2001. in this period i got another educational degree, then management posted me to related dept. but i m not satisfy with my present post, basic salary, and total salary. i want to write a promotion letter include these matter. so i need a sample letter regarding this. please help me...............

carmela cruz 4 years ago

kindly give me sample of request letter for transfer of station due to family reason. Im a police officer assigned in some province asking to transfer to my own province due to the my wife is about to deliver our first baby. I want to be on her side during her delivery. Thank you in advance. More power!

alaa 4 years ago


Clement 3 years ago

kindly give me a sample letter of how to request from your boss for a car to the branch office located in a competitive town where the business is courier

kris 3 years ago

how to write a legal complaint letter about bribe asking people

GOVIND GAIKWAD 3 years ago

I want write write letter to my boss

present and absent and for buisness letter ,etc

how could I write ....

juana 2 years ago

pls guys help... how to write letter to transfer another college school

yogi 2 years ago

Pls give me sample...I have got 4 facture in my right leg on road side accident and have to inform to my senior ....

Hepsiba 23 months ago

Samples also good. Thank You

SETH 17 months ago


manoj singh 16 months ago

letter for for new laptop requirement to ho

Harsh 16 months ago

I need a letter for. Bringing laptop to hostel by nxt semester

AMIR 16 months ago


balu matkari 16 months ago

Sample is nice. Thank you

geetha 9 months ago

how to write a letter to office boss regarding seeking permission for 1 week to bring kid from school

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