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Recommendation Letter

This a recommendation letter for a Sales Representative. This letter can be used by anyone who heads the Sales Department of his/her company.

[Sender's Address]


[Receiver's Address]


This is my recommendation for Mr./Ms. ABC. I am the General Manager of the [write company's name]. I know him/her for the last six years.

He/she has been working in the Sales Department of this company for [number]years. She/He started out as a Junior Sales Representative. His contribution to the Sales campaigns was exceptional. He managed to sell our products to many different types of customers which increased our profits substantially. Of 10 Sales Representatives, 35% of all the sales came from one person i.e. Mr./Ms. ABC.

He was promoted to the position of [write position] two years back. He/She now supervises and plans sales campaigns. His success can be attributed to his excellent communication skills.

He will be very useful for his future employee. If you want to know some specific information about Mr./Ms. ABC, you can contact me at [phone number].


[Sender's name]

Interview follow up Letter

You have been to an interview and you want to write a follow up letter to increase your chances of getting hired. Use this letter to do so.

[Sender's Address]


[Receiver's Address]


Thank you for giving me your precious time for my interview. I really appreciate how you manage to do so many things in your working day.

After talking with you I am sure that I can take up the challenge and excel in this job. I have been interested in doing this type of job since I started my graduation.

Please feel free to contact me if you need more information. You can contact me at my phone at [write number here]. I look forward to hear from you soon.


[sender's name]

Fundraising Letter

Worried about raising funds for your charity organization? Are you feeling short on fundraising ideas? How about writing a fund raising letter to raise funds? The letter I present here can be used for fundraising campaigns of your charity organization.

[Sender's Address]


[Receiver's Address]

Dear Sir/Madam

Can you envision the helplessness of a mother who has several kids to feed and her home has been completely destroyed by a natural calamity with all means of sustenance just vanished?

Each year [write number] people are displaced and forced to take shelter due to floods, earth quakes, storms in [write part of the world/state/country]. Last year saw a sharp rise in the calamities and scientists predict that there will be more floods and storms due to Global Warming.

We[write name of your charity organization] provide relief goods to remote places of the world that have been devastated by such natural calamities. We have worked in several places around the globe including North Africa, Latin America and South-East Asia. We spend about [write figures] million dollars each year on the relief efforts. And all this money comes from the magnanimous people like you.

Would you like to donate some money for the organization? Each cent denoted for this cause means life for the victims of the disasters.


[sender's name]

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i need application how to write an application to boss for informing him that i have upgraded in education.plz help.send me sample.thnx

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give sample confirmation letter for the post of teacher

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Hey that is awesome I am really very imperssed for your post. Thnak you very much for sharing this. Great Job keep it up,!!!


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i need sample letter for introduce a person to customs for good clearance .


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i need a type of letter about asking collector to contribute to the flood relief fund for my exam

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i need application(covering letter) for submit 3month leave for medical purpose

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thank you so much for the help!

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I need a permission letter for new bike to my mom

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