Freezing Rain: An Acrostic Poem

Ice builds up on an evergreen branch.
Ice builds up on an evergreen branch. | Source

Freezing Rain

Frosty morning,
Rain begins.
Evergreens catch the drops.
Encased in ice, branches droop.
Zzzzzz! I go back to sleep.
I awake to the sound of branches breaking.
No power, as utility lines snap
Go get another blanket.

Refrigerator full of lukewarm food
And no prospect of a hot shower,
I pull the covers over my head;
Now to dream of summer.

What Creates Freezing Rain?

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Simplicity4All profile image

Simplicity4All 5 years ago from Rhode Island, USA

This is beautifully written, happy to follow you here on the hubs! Also I really enjoy the picture you chose! :D

Just Ask Susan profile image

Just Ask Susan 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

I think many of us can relate so well to your poem. Beautifully done!

Gypsy48 profile image

Gypsy48 5 years ago

Enjoyed this poem and the photo is beautiful!

Deborah Brooks profile image

Deborah Brooks 5 years ago from Brownsville,TX

Really love your poem..oh to dream of summer..that's what I am doing right now...debbie

Alexander Mark profile image

Alexander Mark 5 years ago from beautiful, rainy, green Portland, Oregon

I LOVE cold weather, nevertheless, this gave me a good chuckle at the end.

kschimmel profile image

kschimmel 5 years ago from North Carolina, USA Author

AM, of course you love cold weather--you are a furry cat:)

Rhelena profile image

Rhelena 5 years ago

Beautifully done! It reminds of a winter a few years back. :)

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