Fresh Spring Grass - A Collection of Haiku

Spring is just around the corner (though it doesn't feel like it to many people with all this snow that keeps coming). I wrote a few haiku about spring, specifically that beautiful, young, fresh green grass that comes up after a good rain storm. I love the brilliant colors of spring.

Crisp budding meadow

natural, youthful, untouched

birth of vernal time.

Push, sprout, lively

Foliage aurora

Untouched seedtime.

Crisp frondescence

burst forth the vernal season

youthful, untouched, pure.

Wheat Grass Growing: a Time Lapse

Tell me!

What's your favorite thing about spring?

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FlourishAnyway profile image

FlourishAnyway 2 years ago from USA

this makes me look forward to a burst of color and warmer days ahead.

cvanthul profile image

cvanthul 2 years ago from Florida Author

I hope you get it soon!

Sonia 23 months ago

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Janessa 23 months ago

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Glasiow 23 months ago

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