Friendship Shayari with English translation

The ideal way to express your heartily and emotional feeling to someone is through a relevant and situational shayari. Shayari is a form of Indian poem written in hindi which comprises of pleasant and meaningful rhyming phrases. Shayaris itself are categorized in many other forms like ghazals, chand, naat, qawali, etc.

Friendship Shayaris in English

Without going deep into the theory of the term Shayari I will state few friendship shayari with English translation. Yeah that's right, with English translation, exclusively for my English language oriented friends!

They are short enough to be used as friendship shayari SMS. Friendship shayaris come into play when you run out of speech while expressing to a friend that how much you like him. There are English poems as well which are no way behind but hindi shayaris have a complete different style by itself.

Here are 5 good shortlisted friendship shayaris translated by me in English, which can also be used as friendship shayari SMS.

Shayari #1
Inn umeedo ko tootne mat denaa,
Iss dosteeko kabhi kam hone mat denaa,
Shaayad dost milengay humse ache,
Par aapke dil me iss dost ki jagahh kiseeko lene mat denaa.

Don't let these hopes die,
Don't let this friendship dry,
Maybe You get better friends then Me, but
Don't let anyone else take this friend's position in Your heart.


Shayari #2
Jo koi samajh na paaye vo baat hoo,
Jo dhal ke nayi subah laaye vo raat hoo,
Chale Jaate hai log iss duniyaa se rishte banaa kar,
Jo kabhi chhod ke na jaaye wo saath hoo.


I am that phrase which no one figured out,
I am that night which sets to bring a new morning,
people go away from this world making many bondings and relations,
Which would never leave I am THAT friend.


Shayari #3
Raat ka chaand tumhe salaam Kare,
Pariyon ki aawaz tumhe aadaab kare,
Saari duniyaa ko khushh rakhne waala woh rabb,
Har pal tumhaari khusiyun ka khayaal kare.

May The silver night's moon greet You,
May The angel's voice wish You,
God, The one above who keeps the whole world happy,
May he consider Your happiness every moment.


Shayari #4
Hum jaise dost hote nahi sabhee ke liye,
Ye tohfaa hai kisi kisi ke liye,
Kyon Jalaa rakkhi hai shamaa Bujhaa deejiye,
Kya hum kam hain roshni ke liye!

Friends like Me are not for all,
This gift is ment only for few,
Why have You lighted this lantern, un-light it,
Am I not sufficient for the brightness!


Shayari #5

Sadaa khushh rakhnaa mere khudaa usko,
Tere farishtay bhi de dua usko,
De usko uski chaahat se zyaada,
Maange qataraa to mile dariyaa usko.

Always keep him happy O' My god,
Your angels also bless him,
Give him more than his wish,
Should he ask for a drop, Give him the whole ocean.

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marieryan profile image

marieryan 7 years ago from Andalusia, Spain

These are all beautiful, SensuOs. And what a fascinating language. The whole concept of these 'poems' being used especially when you run out of good things to say about your friends! It shows how important friendship must be in your culture. I have been trying to see if I could work out the word 'friend' from your Shayaris: could it be 'dost' or 'dosteeko'? No probably not.

sensu0s profile image

sensu0s 7 years ago Author

Thanks marieryan, I am extremely glad that you liked it.

well, you figured out right, the word for 'friend' in the shayaris! its 'dost'. for 'friendship' its 'dosti'. 'dosteeko' means 'to friendship'

Thanks once again for commenting marieryan.

vincy 7 years ago

Thank you to whoever done this..

it is very veryy veryy helpfuul

thankk youu so muuch!!!!!!

wished they did this more often!!!

But thank yoou x

shanaya profile image

shanaya 7 years ago from Living in my Own Dreams:)

i wud like to comment on ur shayari..but..i dnt hv words...m8->awsmmm man

sensu0s profile image

sensu0s 7 years ago Author

Omg shanay thanx.. :P

ashok odedra 6 years ago

liked sayri

sensu0s profile image

sensu0s 6 years ago Author

@ashok odedra Thanks...

ekta 6 years ago

ausome i jst love itt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mahim nimbawat 6 years ago

thanks for all my friends mujhe aap ki in lines se bahut help milti hai .....



akhter 6 years ago

thanks for english and others need it..

aap se guzarish hai k ghalib aur unke jese umda shora k khas maqbool ashar english me translete karen shukriya..

goldy 5 years ago

more hindi to english translate shayiri plssssss

Sujain 5 years ago

i want to comment on ur shayari..but..i dnt hv words...m8->awsmmm man I m really glad to u

sensu0s profile image

sensu0s 5 years ago Author

Thanks @ekta, @Azaz, @mahim, @akhter, @goldy, @sujain :)

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