From Fallow To Flourish.


Take an ounce of inspiration
watered with the sweat of labor
plant it in the midst of pulp pressed,
remnants of some long dead trees.


Add-jectives objectively
liberally sprinkle verbs
that will sprout among your nouns,
both pro- and amateur
always pruning in long strokes.


Trim dangling participles
then scatter seeds of thought
on imagination fertile
where your poetry can bloom.


But take care with those who walk
across your gardens of sweet dreams
trampling all the thoughts you've leafed.


Predator editors snipping fruit
of what your limbs have ripened,
and critiques that reek havoc
hailed in icy speck-ulations.


Plagiarists who pluck the finest
to add stolen beauty to
their own boring, barren plots.


Publishers who sow the weeds
of vanity amidst your Eden
that will cost you oh, so dearly
and leave most of what you produce
unmarketable to all.


Stay true to your own work,
eliminate what's comma-tose
which breaks the growing of awareness


Sit a spell, and then check carefully
each and every nurtured row,
Take a long, relaxed sabbatical,
simply gleaning what's grammatical.


Then spread acres of bright smiles,
amidst all those seeking samples
from the harvests of great words
offering only true perfection
in a world that has grown weary
of what's often found quite tasteless.




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pbwriterchick 7 years ago

:D I love this! wow.. only one post? :)

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