From One Poet Unto Another

Trees of In-fathomable Knowledge

As you Stand picking through my mind

I Am here; I Sit sifting through yours

Touring hills and valley; and

Thinking we know

Although true-fully we lie

Victim-less, victims of

Tragedies, follies, comedies; and

Drama all that I fear

Lifeless limbs swaying about

Our trunks bark

Now thick and gray; areas that are

Now Crackle, Snap and Pop!

Soulful Lights now dimmed

Once colorful and vivid now livid

Although you left me wet I left you cold

As aunts and termites fight

Silence sounds, I cried

Uncle, yet I stand there naked

Weak and alone in the midst; of

Our garden

Harvests of few; now taken

Snatch from the old

Trees of Knowledge forgotten

Evil pro seeded

The Devil beaten

Bright was the selfish fisher of

Men who caught and then; did not

Eat, bare footed pierced aside

Crowned a head

The living, the dead, lakes

Of fire, pits of hell

Paradise foreboded

Heaven unleavened

An old goat a slothful sheep

The light now darkens

The faithful, the forgotten

The slave, the saved

Hog washed swine

No pearls I give to you

Then so am I

Bat-shit Crazy ?

We parted

Neither One of us

Was enlightened

Poetry, Poe tried didn't He

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man


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