From Selfish to Selfish

From Selfish to Selfish

A snake travelled all the way from
Florida to California, to seek me out.
Before we were acquainted, I was often

Left to my own thoughts, I wondered
“Who needs friends like these?”
And sparked a new flame with
A match made from plastic and metal.

The day the snake met me he moved
My fire aside with a gaggle of tales with
Magnanimous scales of un-believability.
What’s the opposite of integrity?

His smile was sarcastically noir
When he tried to sell himself to me.
I declined and moved on, and he
Moved on to San Francisco.

The snake’s horns became evident
And he threw his pitchfork at others
In a fit of rage for my insolence.
I can’t feel bad if they don’t see it, too.

I recant, as I do feel sorry for the fools.
But there is nothing I can or will do.
For now, I sit with my original fire.
Content and clear.


This is a surreal series of events inspired by several real life situations from the past five years that I have gone through. the order and relevance to each other are not accurate; however, It was quite therapeutic to write this one out.

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dashingscorpio profile image

dashingscorpio 6 years ago

This was very visual!

Best of luck with the movie you're working on.

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