Full Moon Photo by Sharonlee

The Full Moon Calls


The Full Moon Calls To My Restless Soul


on a night when the full moon hung like a hungry eye

watching the world from its pedestal in the sky

I felt an uneasy yearning fill my restless soul...

for those idealistic youthful  days

when I still believed the world could change its ways

when I tripped through life without a care

and still believe that love was a life shared...


I was fatalistically optimistic in those days

and thought the world my mine to tame

but somewhere along the way

realized I didn't know the rules of the game

and felt an inner deficiency, no  philosophy could I find

that fulfilled my expectations or eased my questing mind

 I did not comprehend  poverty and starvation for some

and crapulous opulence for others under the same sun ...


and as the full moon called to my restless soul

I realized one certain thing-

what a rugged road life was as a whole

for you never know what each bend will bring...

the sudden detours of lost love that you traverse

often-times moving in reverse

the hard slog of the mountain road

where every step burdens your load

and just when you think you are free-wheeling

on the homeward stretch a myriad of wicked curves

are sent to bedevil your way

until you are lost by the end of the day...


 and when the midnight moon rocks the tides

in a hypnotic ebb and flow

I ponder my life-questions and the things I still don't know

and when the full moon calls to my restless soul

I long to know and do more, before I grow too old;



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ZenandChic profile image

ZenandChic 2 years ago

Love this poem!

Sharonlee G profile image

Sharonlee G 2 years ago from Queensland Australia Author

Thank you ZenandChic... for some reason my other's aren't visible.

Peace & Blessed Be

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