Gangsta party:jonny boy takes a vacation

Going out part 3

Three states over in jonny boys apartment.It's three in the afternoon,and Jonny boy has just finished counting his take."three hundred and twenty thousand dollars!"jonny boy remarks to himself."just like that."He thinks,still in semi-shock that he was actually able to pull it off.Adrenalin still rushing he can't help but smile.For the first time since the accident he feels alive."what a fucking rush!!"he says falling back on his couch.exhausted jonny boy dozes off.twelve hours later at about four in the morning he awakes,grabbing the remote flipping the channel to CNN looking for any news of the heist and to his surprise there is none."Damn I didn't even make the news!ain't that something."Raking his take in to a suit case jonny boy catches the end of a commercial on t.v "........what happens in Vegas..stays in Vegas."Walking into the kitchen and fixing a sandwich jonny thinks "why not? its not like I have anything better to do.Vegas I hope you're ready for me."Later on the same day jonny boy drops by his brothers house."whats up? Mike just came over to let you know that I'm leaving for awhile,."Mike smiling walking towards jonny with two beers in his hand."Where you going John?"Mike asks while handing jonny boy a beer."I'm going to hit vegas for a few days then I'm going to hit the beach kick back and relax,unwind,you know what I'm saying?"Mike chugging on his beer."It's about time you came back to the land of the living!!Man...go and have yourself a good time!!"jonny boy walking to the door laughing "I gotcha Mike,anyway see you in about a month."Plane tickets in hand bags packed,jonny counts out fifty thousand dollars,"this should last for two weeks,If not I'll just rob some body!"jonny boy thinks with a wicked smile on his face.BEEP!!BEEP!!"time to go cab's here,Las Vegas here I come!"

sexy fingers

Vegas.Eight hours later jonny boy sitting at the black jack table.forty five thousand dollars worth of chips stacked in front of him.He motions for the waitress to bring over another shot,placing five shots of vodka on ice in front of him he tips the waitress fifty dollars.Sizzled,two sheets to the wind jonny boy decides to push forty of the forty five thousand in on the bet.Turning his back on the table not wanting to see the outcome,jonny boy downs four of the five shots back to back.Slowly turning around to discover that he is a winner,Jonny boy smiles "oh hell yeah..."jonny boy picks up his chips and makes his way to the cash out station."how would you like this sir?"Jonny boy thinks for a second..."cash sweet heart.cold hard cash."Placing his winnings in what he calls his "man purse" jonny boy strolls around the casino taking shot after shot before deciding to head back to his room.Throwing his satchel on the bed jonny boy heads for the phone flipping through the yellow pages he thinks"let's have a little fun.Sweet Fantasy....Your wish is our command.Yeah.that sounds like a good one.Hello?yeah,I'm looking for little bit of fun,send the hottest chick you got,yeah,caesars palace,suite 211,yeah...One hour?that's cool."Hanging up the phone,Jonny boy calls room service and orders up two gallons of vodka.

knock knock

Jonny boy opens the door to behold a stunningly beautiful woman standing in front of him,dressed in loosely fitting basketball jump suit,"come on in sweet heart.."jonny boy motioning for the young lady to enter,closing the door checking out back view as the young lady walks around the suite checking out the room,and finally heading over to the bar "may I?"she asks "go ahead baby,pour your on poison,join the party."jonny boy responds walking towards the bathroom "I'm a take a quick shower,freshen up a bit....make yourself comfortable..." the young lady jokingly adds "yeah,that would be a good Idea,you smell like a liquor still!"she giggles holding her nose pointing at jonny boy."Every bodies a comedian!!"jonny boy answers..laughing making his way down the hall to the bathroom.Jumping in the shower jonny boy washes off for about fifteen minutes,exiting the shower jonny boy brushes his teeth and gurgles for about forty seconds spitting the mint flavored mouthwash into the sink.smiling looking in the mirror he whispers to himself "yeahhh baby girl,I hope you're ready for me.."pulling a bottle of viagra out of his night bag."I got something for you tonight!"he speaks under his breath,pulling on a dark blue robe and tying it he begins his journey back towards the living room "in here chubby."Jonny boy walking into the bedroom already feeling the effects of the viagra kicking in "whats your name baby?" he says dropping his robe walking towards her looking at her long slender body and staring into her green eyes."they call me sexy fingers" she responds waving her right hand in jonny boys face,her pinky finger has been cut off."sexy fingers."jonny boy repeats noticing the missing pinky.Somehow the fact that she is missing a finger makes her even more attractive to jonny boy."come on chubby.."she says crawling back on the king sized bed "I hope you are ready for me.."she remarks smiling."Oh,I'm ready me I'm ready!"jonny boy responds totally twisted off the vodka that he's been consuming all night.

the morning after

It's about twelve noon,Jonny boy awakes with a banging headache,jumping off the bed he rushes to the bathroom,falling to his knees,he heaves and throws up everything from the night before,clutching the toilet like his life depended on it,he heaves and throws up for about ten minutes.Finally rising to his feet jonny boy steps in the shower as the water bounces off his face,memories of the night before began to emerge a smile crosses his face as he thinks"yeah I put it down last night."drying off he heads to the closet and picks out something to wear flashing back to the night before"baby that was fantastic!"fingers screaming at jonni boy"let's do it again!"she says grabbing jonny boys arm.He smiles as he ties his shoes picking up the phone to call room service."yeah could you send up the early bird special please?thank you."rolling over to the right side of the bed jonny boy scoops up his satchel.noticing that its feeling kind of light jonny boy dumps the entire contents out on top of the bed...two stacks and a note falls out.picking up the note jonny reading aloud "you was a lot of fun baby,but you really need to stay on your p's and q's!!I left you ten thousand dollars,see ya! love fingers."slanging the satchel into the wall jonny boy screams "Dammit how stupid could I be!!!"

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G-Ma Johnson profile image

G-Ma Johnson 7 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

Oh dear...I wasn't surprised actually, but was hopeful for his sake...easy come....easy go...:O) Hugs

bill yon profile image

bill yon 7 years ago from sourcewall Author

sup g-ma

The Shark profile image

The Shark 7 years ago from Hampton, NH

Hey Bill, neat job. I like your research into famous actresses and models from the past, You arrange your hub well. You will be happy to see I've finally got a picture for my profile---hard to find underwater photographers.

Still not sure how to get pictures for the hubs, forget video. But maybe in time.

The Shark

bill yon profile image

bill yon 7 years ago from sourcewall Author

thanks,it took me while to get it togethor,try photobucket,they have almost a billion images.if you can put up a profile shot,then you can put up photos its the same thing.videos is all about html.keep trying everything will come togethor over time.

The Shark profile image

The Shark 7 years ago from Hampton, NH

lol, I'm a dinosaur when it comes to the stuff your talking about.I barely got into cd's when all of a sudden it became MP3. But I'll keep trying, On the positive side I just got my second article published in a large paper.

bill yon profile image

bill yon 7 years ago from sourcewall Author

that's fantastic.I'm working on a children's book,and a gangster novel hopefully I'll be finished with one of them by the end of the year.

The Shark profile image

The Shark 7 years ago from Hampton, NH

That is good, I would be interested in reading a good gangster novel. I bet your chilgren's book would be good after reading your hub on teaching kids positive things.

The Shark---saying, I've known you all these years, never once before today did you call me Godfather, today you you will have your justice.

prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

very sexy and really ..HOT

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