Garbled Phrases Inside My Head

A moment ago I was ambivalent,

and the days go swiftly by,

not much time for me to relent,

and if there was I don’t know why.

Circles of doubt appease my mind,

the fault lies deep within,

memories only serve to remind,

the horror of where to begin.

Blinded by indecision I misstep,

and fall to wonder wherefore,

freezing thoughts that I forget,

echoes of logic ask for more.

Realising misfortune lingers,

I tread toward the celestial degree,

hope slipped through my fingers,

squirming to be free.

Counting shadows fool me,

they evanesce all into one,

distracted light I no longer see,

where the setting sun had shone.

Blurred inscriptions pacify,

though remain inside my head,

garbled nymphs ratify,

phrases that are left unsaid.


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