Genuflecting To A Pig.


Genuflecting to A Pig.    

Like a welcome mat

he cleans his feet on,
worn out from his stepping

all over her feelings,
but still she lays down

for it and takes it.

A used kleenex

he blows himself on,
never paying any

heed to her needs,
just reader's digest sex.
in, out, repeat

if necessary.

The ring on her finger

 a catholic trap,
to remove it would be

a divorce from her faith,
her only steadfast

hope in the

hell of her dilemma.

A man who treats

her to little at all,
rutting like a dog

over her yummies,
and then falling asleep with

loud grunts and snores,
leaving her the wee

hours to comtemplate,
the eons ahead

raising 9 kids,
with little to no help,
and still trying to

praise God on rosary beads,
that have so far

brought her only thorns.

"Hell Mary full of grace,

why can't the Lord be with me??

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~©-MFB III

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