Get Followers --Tips for Bloggers Part Two

In the first installment of this series, we talked about the big boost Comment Luv can give to a blogger. It enables you to post a direct link on someone else's site leading back to the most recent post on your blog. We learned how to cultivate a following by "Comment Luv Surfing" and boost other writers' blogs at the same time.

For more information on how it works: Get Followers -- Tips for Bloggers


Not a blogger? If you're thinking about starting, here are some Blogging 101 tips that may be of help: How To Blog

Blogging is a bit different than any other type of writing. Blogs attract readers of similar interests, much like magazines do. Blogs also encourage conversation. The writer blogs; the reader comments. Commenting is a healthy flow of dialog between writer and reader which often develops a faithful following of subscribers.

For a blog to become financially successful, it must have a large, consistent following. High search engine recognition, increased product sales and "per click" income can only come from a large, attentive audience.

A Success Story: A blogger's dream come true--too many followers to keep up with the comments! There is one very popular blogger who actually had to hault the comment process on his blog, strictly because it had become "too popular". He had to get his life back! Can you imagine that? Ever so grateful for each and every reader, he could no longer do his part in answering every comment. Thus, he discontinued running a comments section altogether.

Who is he? Leo Babauta of Zen Habits. Leo has built his blog to over 230,000 subscribers and was named #1 on the Time Magazine Top Blogs list in 2010. More on how he did in How to Get Subscribers With E-Books.



Now, more about getting followers. Ultimately what you are really looking for are subscribers. You need subscribers to your blog by RSS Feed and/or email who will continuously visit your site and promote it to others. In addition, building a strong following on Facebook and Twitter is very valuable. But first, they have to find you before they can like you! Note: Be sure to keep an active dialogue with your current readers by giving them a call to action (a reason to comment) and then answer them.

To increase your following, it is essential to expose your writing to new readers in your niche. Some great tools have been created to help you find them: Linkwithin and Inlinkz.

Linkwithin searches and finds blog posts on your own site that the reader might also be interested in. It keeps them around longer and may even convince them to subscribe.

Links to those related posts will appear as image icons at the bottom of the page. They are clickable and will take your readers right to that article! They will help your current readers to browse your archives in a targeted way.

Inlinkz allows you to accept submissions from your readers. The reader enters the URL of the post they would like to share, its title and their email address (which does not appear publicly). By posting a link, their hope is that your readers will become theirs, as well.

The Importance of this: 1.)You gain the benefit of having backlinks coming to your site and 2.) it draws more traffic to your site. There are many bloggers who look for link parties and blog hops and will come back to visit you again and again. (Same principal as "Comment Luv Surfing"--see part one for more details.) They may even subscribe to your site. You, in turn, may find some among those visitors that you would also like to follow. Win-win!

Link Parties and Blog Hops

Link Parties and Blog Hops are just about the same thing. You, as the blogger, establish an invitation for readers to enter their links at the bottom of your blog post. The code gets set up by Inlinkz for you. Select when the "party" will start and end. It will be automatically closed at the time and date you determine.

You may open it up to anybody or put some parameters on it such as requesting that the linker also click on at least one other link and post a comment. You could ask them to "like" your Facebook Fanpage or subscribe to your site. Whatever you want. You might want to set up a theme for your party such as asking that their post be a recipe post or perhaps a link to a giveaway that they are running.

This is such a powerful set of tools for blogging that some clever bloggers have actually built blogs around blog hopping! Two popular sites are It's A Blog Party and For The Love Of Blogs.

Hope you find these tips of value. In closing, here is another really good one that you need to know. Once you have them, how do you KEEP your readers on your page? Here is how to do it: Readers--How to Keep Them.

About the Author...

Sinea Pies is a freelance writer who writes frequently on HubPages, GVParent Magazine, WebAnswers and her own website: Ducks 'n a Row.

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missolive profile image

missolive 5 years ago from Texas

Excellent hub. Sinea - this hub is not only informative it was easy to read and looks great. I'll bookmark this one along with the others. Again, great job!

Blogging is a great tool for marketing. I enjoy my blog(s) very much. However, maintaining and keeping up can be difficult at times. As a novice to the online writing world I'm having to learn to organize my time on the various sites I'm using. However, HP is my home and I use the other elements to drive the traffic here. As I am expanding my base it is always nice to find fellow hubbers on other venues. We share our 'comment luv' and 'hub luv' as well.

Always a joy to read your work. MissOlive / Marisa

voted up and pressing all the related buttons :)

profile image

Ghaelach 5 years ago

Hello again Sinea.

Well i can only agree with Miss Olive this was a pleasure to read and very informative.

Also a few more links for me to have a look at.


Take care.

LOL Ghaelach

Sinea Pies profile image

Sinea Pies 5 years ago from Northeastern United States Author

Thanks for pressing all the buttons, Missolive. As always, your work and comments are much appreciated as well. If you do have an interest in developing your blogging, I highly recommend anthing from Darren Rowse, He's the humble champion at it. Youtube has many "how to" videos by him, as well.

DonnaCosmato profile image

DonnaCosmato 5 years ago from USA

This is an excellent guide and it came to my attention just when I needed it. I recently had to start a new blog for my book reviews when my blog host went belly up. When I tried to change over blogs with my publisher, they didn't want to do it "because it was a new blog and I didn't have any traffic!"

I've bookmarked this post and I'm headed for your other one for more valuable tips on how to build my traffic! Voted up and everything else, and shared the link with some other book reviewers who were using the same defunct blog host.

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 5 years ago from England

Hi, this is a really good guide to explaining how to link, I really do need to make my other sites work, I tend to write on Hubpages and forget everything else, occasionally we need to concentrate on them, rated up! thanks, nell

Sinea Pies profile image

Sinea Pies 5 years ago from Northeastern United States Author

Thanks again, Ghaelach. I appreciate the kudos!

Sinea Pies profile image

Sinea Pies 5 years ago from Northeastern United States Author

I know what you mean, Nell Rose. Sometimes I get so caught up in HubPages that I fall behind with my blog. Then I'll get into blogging and drift when it comes to HP! Gotta do both!:)

imkd profile image

imkd 5 years ago

Easy steps. A blogger! can easily follow this. As i think we should make our blog post talkative. thus we can get regular traffic and followers.

profile image

lisa2276 5 years ago

Very informative!

Sinea Pies profile image

Sinea Pies 5 years ago from Northeastern United States Author

Donna, I'm in a similar place. Two premiere sites offering blog affiliations to a choice few bloggers. Before I even attempt applying to be one of them, I feel that my following has to increase dramatically to prove my worth. What is your blog URL? Is it in your profile? I'll check it out!

Don Simkovich profile image

Don Simkovich 5 years ago from Pasadena, CA

Sinea, glad you wrote this. I think blog hops are one of the best ways to attract followers ... the first way is writing quality content!

Emma Harvey profile image

Emma Harvey 5 years ago from Berkshire, UK

Thanks for this - this is the kind of hub I like, with tons of helpful info. I find blogging fascinating, and after dabbling a little with it, I now want to be a bit more serious. I know that I need to get my head down with my writing, and when I hear about the success stories, it just drives me to want to do so much more!

thougtforce profile image

thougtforce 5 years ago from Sweden

So much good information! I have a blog but I don't have time to write there so my blog is more or less sleeping! I spend the time I have available mostly here but I like bloggs and that type of writing too. So I will bookmark this and come back to it when I decide to wake up my blog! Voted up, interesting, useful


Sinea Pies profile image

Sinea Pies 5 years ago from Northeastern United States Author

Thanks Don. Glad you agree. Blog Hops are like a community fair! You get to see what everyone else in your area of interest is offering and have a chance to "buy" (subscribe)

cclitgirl profile image

cclitgirl 5 years ago from Western NC

Great hub! And I pushed all the buttons because I so appreciate your willingness to share. :)

Quick question: when you mention "products" on a blog, do you mean what the author is selling or what the ads are selling? Just curious. Thanks!

Sinea Pies profile image

Sinea Pies 5 years ago from Northeastern United States Author

I think you'll enjoy blogging, Emma. The approach is a bit different than HubPages but just as satisfying. Dig in!

Sinea Pies profile image

Sinea Pies 5 years ago from Northeastern United States Author

Cclitgirl, great question about "product sales" on a blog. Blogs may have Google adsense ads, Amazon products, Etsy shops (selling handmade and vintage items, etc) or even their own e-books. Developing a large, steady following is so important that often bloggers will give away an excellent e-book or access to a great teaching video in exchange for the reader subscribing to their site by email. My hub "How to Get Subscribers with Ebooks" (link above) tells an amazing story of just that!

letterme profile image

letterme 5 years ago

Very useful. Thanks for sharing this with us

Sinea Pies profile image

Sinea Pies 5 years ago from Northeastern United States Author

Thanks, letterme. Glad to be of help.

frugalfamily profile image

frugalfamily 5 years ago from Houston, TX

Hey Sinea, well done, you could book this and sell it yourself! I had great luck with the first month or so of my blog by attending blog hops. I use comment luv and I make comments like crazy on other's sites. I feel invisible this month!

Sinea Pies profile image

Sinea Pies 5 years ago from Northeastern United States Author

Thanks frugalfamily. I appreciate your encouraging comments. Yes, December is a more challenging month to maintain an active online presence. Have you noticed that things are picking up though? I'm hearing from all sorts of bloggers who'd also gone someplace under the radar!

marriedwithdebt profile image

marriedwithdebt 5 years ago from Illinois

I can definitely say that this is the most challenging part of my new blog. I can write the content, but getting readers is tough. Voted useful

Sinea Pies profile image

Sinea Pies 5 years ago from Northeastern United States Author

You're right, marriedwithdebt. Getting readers is tough. As with HubPages, invest your time in great content and do a little social marketing, too. You'll find 'em...and sometimes they'll find you.

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago

Hello Sinea,

Just got around to reading this second installment on tips for bloggers. Very useful and informative easy to follow instructions.

I am still trying to juggle all of these elements together but it is getting easier with your great advice. I do pick up traffic from stumbleupon which ties in with these ideas too.

Sinea Pies profile image

Sinea Pies 5 years ago from Northeastern United States Author

Thanks Molometer. Let me ask you, do you "stumble" all of your hubs? Somewhere along the line somebody stumbled one of my blog posts and I got 14 hits from it. Totally took me by surprise. I'd love to see it repeated but haven't been clear on the protocols.

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago

Hi Sinea,

I do post all of my hubs to stumbleupon and I do get regular hits from there. They have just revamped their front end and it looks a lot better. If you look me up on stunbleupon you will notice that they sometimes replace the picture that is on your hub with a generic picture relating to the content of the the hub title. This can be quite useful and effective in terms of cataloging or indexing your work. Hope this helps. Go for it.

Sinea Pies profile image

Sinea Pies 5 years ago from Northeastern United States Author

Thanks molometer. Here goes! I'm going to have a "stumbling good time"

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