Getting Started to Write

Getting Started to Write. That is, what I believe, what I am doing right now. Well, actually, I have already begun to write. I have just started this "hug" or "hub" thing and I have already learned three things. One, there are many ways to say aticle. Is it a hub or blog or essay? I just don't know. Perhaps it is none of these things. It is just my thoughts on the computer screen about to be dished out for the world to read. Oh, the humanity! To actually enter my mind would be a direct violation of human rights and the very existance of the hub itself! But i continue on anyway, knowing full well that the reader knows full well the consequenses of reading anything i write. Spell check anyone?...

A second thing I have learned from this is that there are many rules to many things we do in life. These rules, if read at all, are designed to protect those participating in the event and those creating the event. And, of course, the further we go in life in technology, the more rules we need. For example, what am I supposed to write about anyway? As I ponder that, sipping my pretend coffee and wishing Miley Cyrus would contact me to help her make a low budget movie with her, I begin to realize that everything I write is matterless anyway. Besides matterless not actually being a word, does a matterless thing matter or not? I say to you, the reader, that it does not. You must always do what you feel compelled, unless of course harmful to yourself or others. There is a force that drives us to do what we do not understand. We must answer that force with a question or with an action, and feeding off of the point, actions speak louder than words. What is my point anyway? Oh- right! What to write and does it matter. Well, if not one person reads this pert near much as a cowboy would say journal entry, then, yes, even then it does matter. If we do not move forward, take the chance, and at least try to make the world's brain hurt from insane mutterings, then why do we exist anyway? Does not a rock serve a better purpose in life than to do nothing, cause oh, maybe, no one will notice me.? Wah, I say. Rules are meant to be bent, broken, and beat to a pulp! Yes, to protect, but some rules lye upon its silk sheets mocking the world, saying, "Haha! You can't do it!" I realize I spelled lie- lye, but i wanted to clarify that rules don't actually lie as in not telling the truth. I want you to understand that rules do not know any better. Such as, for example, the rule of fear. Fear tells you that you can not. It tells you that you are not good enough. Fear is not lying, but, fear is wrong. Fear only needs to be shown right from right. Show fear the correct path in life. Fear is meant to creat rules to keep you smart, not keep you bored. Can you not ride on the rollar coaster because you are afraid? Show fear its rules are skewed. Can you not trust in your body to bouce and recover effortlessly after falling from a twelve story building's roof? No, you can not, nor you should. Let fear know, that some of its rules are correct. This goes for all rules. So, what should I write? Well, what ever it is, I will not be afraid to venture forth!

The third thing I have learned already at this very begining of begining to write my first hub is that writing really requires one to stay focused. Playing Mahjong while writing is a good example of how stay unfocused. Unfocused is a word i like to used to describe the way we can be not focused. It turns out it is a generally accepted term. Also "out of focus", but that term typically is used in the field of using cameras. There are several ways to keep focus. One is a trick I like to call "shut everything off and stop paying attention to everything else other than the thing you are supposed to be doing right now- really! shut the stupid tv off, close your other internet explorer windows and stop thinking about every little thing that pops into your head! just finish the stupid thing you are doing right now and stop... hey! where are you going? hello! ... ok, fine. ... where did he go? ... oh! hi! nice of you to join me! thanks for coming back, really, it was nice of you. NOW STAY HERE AND FOCUS!!! Where did you go anyway? the bathroom? really!? that takes an hour? did you brush your teeth? no. of course not! why would you do something usefull in your usless lazy life, you lazy Jerk for jerk! okay, fine. I'm sorry. I was wrong to get so angry. I just feel that you don't pay attention to me anymore. Don't you love me anymore? I thought what we had was special! Why can't we just start over? Why can't we go back to the begining? Be like it was, like the good ol' days. Huh? Come on! What do you say? Great! Now let's get in there and do this thing! We're a good team, ol' buddy! Good to have you back. methood". This methood is usefull when you are crazy, and it really helps me focus. We tend as a peoples to get off track sometimes, and this methood is effective and focusing at your goals and sticking to your designated path. The other methood to staying focused is called the "." methood. This methood pretty much explains itself. Staying focused is important to achiving ones goals. It helps us devide what is nessesary and what is not. It helps us devide out the way we think from the way we feel. And it helps us do long devision too!

So, to sum up the begining of my begining to write my first hub before i continue on to the body, I have learned three things about writing. These three things are what ever you call it, when you are writing, you are writing. It doesn't matter if it is a novel or a journal entry, it is writing, and writing is universal. Writing has no rules. Just write no matter what. Forget the rules you have learned and write, create, and pour out your soul and mind to whom ever will read wether it be nobody or the whole world. Stay focused when writing, but take breaks as nessesary. And four, always spel check. Now I will start my hub.

The... eh- that's good enough.


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