Getting serious about writing

So how many days do you sit down at the computer, or pull out your note pad and say this is it I'm going to have a successful day of writing? You get into a good run and then the distraction start.

Researching my writing business has has been a life long project. Picking up great resources along the way. Now getting a set plan in order that is another ball game. A few months ago I picked up some new resources that have really come in handy. One book is from the editors of writers digest called The craft & Business of writing. This book actually describes each genre which is great because I struggle with that a lot when trying to select the proper area for stories. This book also has a business section that really digs into myths and gives you good advice on starting your business. I glance at this one daily.

Another great motivating tool is the first draft in 30 days by Karen Wiesner. I'm in the process of jumping into this challenge. I have several novels but my organization and structure needed a little guidance. This book has great work sheets in the back it's just a all around good read and the steps seem very easy to follow.

Social Networking

So this is the greatest thing ever, but you have to stay focus on why you are a part of these different networks. The reason I say this is because you log in to post some exciting news and you get sucked into games and notes and apps and gossip and OK I will stop with the list.

Make sure your a working net worker and not just enjoying the network because it is a fun place to be. Find friends who are working towards the same goals as you and see what works for them, and how their success story can bring you closer to creating your own.

I'm a fan of facebook, and my space but that's as far as my expertise has made it.

So set goals write all day, make productive chunks and watch your writing business evolve.

How to Publish

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Tammy Lochmann profile image

Tammy Lochmann 7 years ago

Thanks for the tips I am going to find The Craft and Business of Writing. I have been having trouble fitting my work into a niche. I look forward to reading more.

AliceFSpencer profile image

AliceFSpencer 7 years ago from Texas Author

Me too I'm going to try to get a spot in a anthology with a short story but I will share my journey to my goal of publishing in 2010 more hubs to come.

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